Queer Eye Star Karamo Brown's Dream Finally Comes True

Netflix's hit "Queer Eye" reboot reinvigorated the franchise for a new, more progressive audience. Key to its ongoing success is the show's lovable Fab Five. Comprising Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France, the iconic group effortlessly complements each other with every member displaying their own unique skills. However, as Brown revealed in his memoir "Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope" (via Bustle), he almost missed his opportunity to be part of the show. 

The "Real World" alum expressed an interest in auditioning for "Queer Eye," but discovered casting was already closed. His agents didn't take no for an answer and continued selling their client to Netflix. Eventually, Brown managed to get a phone interview with a casting agent and took the opportunity to pitch himself as the show's "culture expert," explaining confidently, "I am culture." The rest is history. As an interview with GQ notes, Brown is always very careful with his words. 

It's this sensitive, mindful approach to each participant that has made the former social worker such a hit with fans all over the world. In fact, he's been a key element of some of the most shocking transformations in "Queer Eye" history. And, as it turns out, it's his impressive people skills that sold Brown for this exciting new role too. 

Karamo Brown is set to host his very own talk show

Former "Maury" guest host, and long-time talk show fanatic, Karamo Brown is set to enter the sphere himself with the launch of "Karamo," which is slated for a fall 2022 release, per E! News. "Growing up, hosting a daytime talk show seemed unrealistic and unattainable, but it was my dream. I used to run home from school as a kid to watch this genre's icons Sally, Donahue and Maury," Brown enthused in a statement. 

The "Queer Eye" star, who's known for his calm, incisive approach, will cover a whole variety of topics including, but not limited to, "infidelity, race, parenting, and complex family dynamics." Moreover, audience members will be called on to give their opinions and questions for guests. Brown's goal for "Karamo" is "to help, and connect with, people from all walks of life." 

Although Brown is achieving a lifelong dream by landing his own talk show, the reality star previously toyed with the idea of entering politics. In an interview with LinkedIn News, he discussed an aspiration to move beyond TV and affect real change in the world. "I've spent time at the U.N. and the more I get into these environments and I learn more and see the power of uniting people though legislation, it excites me," Brown shared. 

There's still time, of course, and given how much he's achieved thus far, we wouldn't put it past the "Queer Eye" star to take office someday.