Lindsay Lohan's Brother Is Actually A Model Now

Lindsay Lohan's brother Cody Lohan was born on June 16, 1996. His full name is Dakota Wyatt Lohan, and he is the youngest of Dina and Michael Lohan's four children, who also include Lindsay, Michael Jr., and Ali. Unlike his sister Lindsay's penchant for always being in the headlines, Cody went mostly unrecognized. Aside from a few brief brushes with fame, Cody lived a relatively private life until he recently stepped into the limelight big time with a major modeling contract. Now that he's strutting his stuff on the catwalk, let's take a look at what got him to this point.  


He started modeling when he was 8

Though he's making a big splash in the modeling world at the time of this writing, Cody Lohan already has some experience in the field. When his adult modeling career started taking off, various media outlets dug up some old runway shots of Cody walking for Child Magazine during New York Fashion Week.  


ET Online published a photo of a nine-year-old Cody working the show in 2006, sporting a corduroy jacket, hoodie, bleach-splattered jeans, and a head of decidedly Lohan-esque red locks. But Cody was actually at the show the year before as well. The above photo is from New York Fashion Week 2005. Cody was in the show for the same magazine that year, and the looks really couldn't be more different. Rocking a headdress, wool vest, and striped button-down, Lohan made a huge fashion leap between eight and nine-years-old, going from Native American hipster to GAP mannequin in just one year.

He had a brief cameo in The Parent Trap

Cody Lohan's professional acting career began and ended with a cameo in The Parent Trap, the movie that catapulted his big sis to superstardom. In the clip, Cody's blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance is way in the background, but he is the adorable ginger baby being carried by their mom, Dina, as she walks through the airport. In fact, HuffPost reports that Lindsay's other two siblings, Ali and Michael, also made cameos in the film.  


Though it's unlikely the youngest Lohan has any memories of the set — he would have been somewhere between one and two-years old at the time — that hasn't stopped him from waxing nostalgic about being around while the classic family comedy was filmed. In 2015, he celebrated Lindsay's birthday by posting a photo her dressed in her Parent Trap wardrobe, and holding him in front of Big Ben, presumably during the London portions of filming. He captioned the photo, "Happy Birthday to one of the strongest people I know, you have always inspired me to do great #thankful #loveyou"

He got caught in the middle of Lindsay's beef with Hilary Duff

In 2004, one of the big tabloid controversies was Lindsay Lohan's feud with Hilary Duff. According to Buzzfeed, the whole thing started when Aaron Carter left Duff and started dating Lohan, only to dump her and go back to Duff. Such drama! What ensued was a teenage boyfriend-stealing beef for the ages, complete with passive-aggressive jabs at each other in interviews, and even a pretty significant slam on Duff when Lohan hosted SNL that year.


Things really heated up, however, when Lohan's little bro Cody got tossed into the mix when he innocently tried to get an autograph. According to sources who spoke with MTV, Cody was backstage at The 2004 Z-100 Jingle Ball when he tried to get Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden's John Hancock. Madden, who MTV reports was there with (and romantically linked to) Duff, allegedly told Cody to go fetch his mother. Madden then apparently attempted to get "an outraged Dina [Lohan]" to get Lindsay to apologize to Duff. Needless to say, this did not settle the beef, and MTV even reported that the incident "brought Cody to tears." While it is now over a decade later, the status of the Lohan/Duff feud remains unclear, but one thing can be reasonably assumed: Cody Lohan is no longer a big fan of Good Charlotte.


His high school soccer team won the state championship

While he can't boast that he was a child star like his sister, Cody Lohan can definitely say that he was no slouch when it came to high school athletics. In 2013, Lohan posted a photo to Instagram featuring himself and two of his soccer teammates showcasing their championship plaque and medals. He captioned the photo, "State Champs. Couldn't have asked for a better group of dudes to win it with. #friarsf**ks**tup @josh_weiss5 @justin_carfora"


According to News 12 Varsity, Lohan was part of a soccer squad that was described as "the best team in program history." Along with his St. Anthony's Friars teammates, Lohan helped the Long Island Catholic school capture the state championship with a season record of 22-1-1. Though he wasn't called out for his specific gameplay, Lohan was described as part of "a stellar group of defenders."

He's into surfing and skateboarding

Cody Lohan's athletic pursuits extend well beyond the soccer field. He's also an avid surfer and skateboarder, as anyone who's just taken a glance at his Instagram page could attest to. Lohan's social media accounts are full of pics of him shredding waves and defying gravity on a skateboard


TMZ even caught the waverunner and his famous older sis Lindsay Lohan shelling out a whopping $3,000 dollars at a Huntington Beach surf shop during a SoCal shopping spree back in 2012.  

Even though Lohan's moved on to college and, now, a professional modeling career, he still longs to be riding giants. Speaking with W in December 2016, Lohan said, "I've always dreamed of being paid to surf. It's a challenge being in New York and being a full-time student." Maybe he could hit up Lindsay for a sponsorship? 

His parents' public feuding made his upbringing rough

Unfortunately, most of the times Cody Lohan's name was mentioned in the media over the years was regarding the ugly divorce and settlement battles waged by his parents, Michael and Dina Lohan. There are too many incidents to list, but some of the lowlights include People's 2007 report that Michael hadn't seen Cody or his sister, Ali, in three years; the time Michael and Dina went to court over Cody's Catholic school tuition payments; and the time they similarly appeared before a judge over $30,422 dollars in back child support owed by Michael. Perhaps most depressing, in the latter instance, was Michael's admission to TMZ, "I admit I withheld part of [Cody's] child support because I was angry about certain things that were happening.... I was wrong and I'm making things right with Dina and my children."


With that in mind, it's no wonder that in 2012, when speaking with TMZ himself, Cody said, "I have no good memories of my so called father. He has never been part of my life, he needs to leave my family alone." Ugh. What an awful situation for a kid to have to deal with.

Lindsay and their dad missed his high school graduation

Cody Lohan graduated from St. Anthony's High School in South Huntington, NY in June of 2014. High school graduation is a big day in any kid's life, and one that is usually shared with his or her entire family, but Cody was missing two key members of his tribe on his big day.


TMZ reported that Lindsay didn't make it to see her little bro toss his hat into the air, because she was in London, where she was allegedly "spotted clubbing and shopping" for weeks. It was odd for her to miss such a special occasion for Cody, since by most accounts, the siblings seemed to have remained close over the years, with Lindsay even saying during her docu-series, Lindsay (Via HuffPost), "Cody and I have a special bond, which is great. He's so close to my heart. He's so cute." 

As for why Michael missed Cody in his cap and gown, TMZ also reported that he said he "couldn't make it to NY" because "his infant son Landon (Cody and his siblings' half-brother, born to Michael Lohan's then-wife, Kate Major) was hospitalized with a high fever."


His dog Koa has his own Instagram page

Though, as of this writing, he only has 146 followers, Cody Lohan's adorable dog Koa has an Instagram page that any social media user would envy. Tracked from his first car ride as a cuddly golden retriever puppy in August of 2016, all the way through December of 2016 when he's already well on his way to being full grown, Koa Lohan seems to be living the high life. He's celebrated holidays in style, hung ten like a champ, and gotten plenty of snuggles from his pops. Okay fine, it's really just a page full of delightful puppy photos and his owner, who is obviously crazy about him, but what's not to love about that?


He officially started modeling in 2016

According to TMZ, Cody Lohan signed with IMG Models in March of 2016. To get an idea of how big of a modeling agency that is, they represent plenty of Victoria's Secret Angels, not to mention crossover modeling superstars like Gal Gadot, who now plays Wonder Woman, and Milla Jovovich, who has been a movie star for decades. So it's a big step for Lohan, and one that he was urged into taking by his sisters, Ali and Lindsay, who have also done their fair share of modeling.


When asked during a March 2017 interview with W when he wanted to become a model, Lohan said, "A year ago when my sisters told me, 'You should give it a shot.' And then I'm here now." In a separate interview with the same magazine, he said, "My family gave me the push. I'm a student and a surfer — I've always put both of those interests first — but it was my family and their support that gave me the confidence to undertake modeling." Even though he's very early in his career, Lohan has already achieved some notable accolades, having appeared in a Vogue China editorial, as well as on the runway for X Art during New York Fashion Week.

His shoot for Vogue China signals big things ahead

People really started taking notice of Cody's burgeoning modeling career when his sister Lindsay congratulated him on his spread for Vogue China. Taking to Twitter, Lindsay posted a now-deleted photo from the fashion mag with the caption, "Proud of my litter brother in Vogue China." According to W, she also predicted his career a year earlier in a since-deleted Instagram with the caption, "Yep! That's my brother. Soon, my mommy will bring him to IMG like she did with me at Ford." Outside of his modeling campaigns that have gotten press, Cody seems to be logging regular work, if his IMG portfolio is any indication.


Armed with what appears to be a healthy work ethic and some mainstream success already on his resume, the future looks bright for Cody's modeling career. But don't think the youngest Lohan doesn't have some surprises up his sleeve. "My [biggest] pet peeve would probably be someone looking at you, thinking they know you, knowing something about you, and then they already have their assumption," he told W. Sounds like this Lohan is looking to carve his own path.