Who Was Renée DuMonde On Days Of Our Lives?

"Days of Our Lives" fans who have been watching for decades may remember the character of Renée DuMonde. However, new "DOOL" viewers have likely never heard Renée's name until Xander Cook's former love Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) was basically brainwashed by Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) to believe that she was Renée (via Soaps). After Kristen kidnapped Sarah and held her captive on a remote island, she gave Sarah Renée's diary to read, and Sarah's traumatized mind took on the personality of Renée, a woman that would be much older than she is today.

Although Sarah's friends and family members tried to convince her that she was not Renée — and give her details about her actual identity — she wouldn't hear of it. She had completely taken on Renée's persona and had no problem telling anyone who would listen exactly how she felt (per Soap Hub).

So, with all the talk about the former character, some "Days of Our Lives" fans couldn't help but ask: Who exactly is Renée DuMonde?

Renée DuMonde appeared in Salem in 1980

Renée DuMonde (Philece Sampler) was first introduced to "Days of Our Lives" viewers in 1980. Renée came to Salem with Lee DuMonde, whom she believed to be her sister, per Soap Central. Renée eventually met Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) and fell head over heels in love with him. However, Lee warned Renée to steer clear of Tony on many occasions. Of course, Renée wouldn't let her sister stand in the way of love, and she continued to pursue Tony.

During her early days in Salem, Renée became the target of the Salem Strangler, who tried to kill her twice. Each time the serial killer was thwarted in his plans. When the strangler attacked Renée a third time, she was fearful for her life and hid in Tony's house to stay safe (via Monsters and Critics). The two fell deeper in love, but things took a creepy and dramatic turn when Renée found Lee's diary and learned some shocking family secrets.

Renée and Tony's relationship was filled with drama

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched as Renée DuMonde and Tony DiMera grew close and eventually became engaged. However, everything changed when Renée found her sister Lee's diary and learned some shocking information that would change her entire life. In the diary, Renée found out that Lee was not her sister, but her biological mother. She also found out that Stefano DiMera was her father, making Tony her half-brother (via Monsters and Critics).

Renée quickly ended her relationship with Tony but never told him why. Not knowing that Renée was his half-sister, Tony continued to pursue his lost love, but she eventually began a romance with David Banning, per Soap Central. The couple married in 1982. After Renée told Tony the truth about their family connections, he decided to have lab tests done. The tests confirmed that Renée and Tony were not siblings. However, Renée opted to continue her marriage to David and Tony moved on with Anna. 

Renée's story is being retold through Sarah Horton

Things later took a dark turn for Renée on "Days of Our Lives." The character became jealous of Anna and Tony's relationship. After Stefano's will revealed that Renée and Tony would have to live under the same roof for one year to get their inheritance, things became even more intense. Renée and David moved into the DiMera Mansion with Tony and Anna. To make matters worse, the will stated that the first couple to have a baby would be given an additional $5 million, per Soap Central

Anna eventually became pregnant, and in a jealous rage, Renée attempted to kill her. However, she nearly killed Tony as well when she set off an explosive. David saved Tony and Anna, but Anna sadly lost the baby. David was so disgusted by Renée's actions that he divorced her. Renée soon moved on with Alex Marshall, but when she found out he was only after her money, she divorced him and threw a big party to break the news to all of Salem (via Soap Central).

That same night, Tony admitted that he still loved Renée, and the two got intimate (via Monsters and Critics). Shortly after, Renée was found dead. It was later revealed that Renée had been killed by the Salem Slasher, Andre DiMera. Although Renée died in 1983, her story is being retold decades later through Sarah Horton's storyline, and a new generation of "DOOL" fans are watching the drama unfold.