How The Apr 16 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

When the full moon rises Saturday, April 16, it will mark the first full moon of the astrological new year. It's also the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere (via InStyle). That makes it a time to plant the seeds of things we'll be able to nurture, grow, and benefit from later this year.

Nurturing is a major theme in the energy that will be ushered in with this full moon. While the sun is currently in Aries, bringing with it the desire to focus on yourself, the moon will be full in Libra, which will encourage you to work more on the needs in your relationships, according to InStyle. This is a time to examine whether the other person in your relationship is happy, too.

This is because Libra is the diplomatic member of the zodiac and the one who is best at conflict resolution. That diplomacy will bring much-needed balance to fiery Aries. As Cafe Astrology explains, this full moon is a time to "strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other." 

For a Sagittarius especially, this is going to be a full moon that will test your patience and force you to dig into emotional territory that you've been avoiding.

The April 16 full moon is a Pink Moon

April's full moon is also called a Pink Moon, Elle explains. It was named after the color of the creeping phlox plants that are prevalent across the northern hemisphere this time of year. The flower is viewed as synonymous with the concept of spring and starting over, which is another major theme of this month's full moon.

With a new beginning, especially in terms of relationships, forgiveness is often a major part of being able to move forward. Astrologer Jane Allison told PopSugar that the Pink Moon is "a beautiful time to forgive and ask for forgiveness and be honest about what needs you have that are not being met. Sometimes, when the scales of justice are in the process of finding their way back to the midpoint, there can be a little disruption in your life. However, that disruption itself is an indication that what's meant to happen is, in fact, happening."

With the way the planets are aligning, Cosmopolitan explains, this rebirth or renewal could find a Sagittarius especially primed for conflict. It'll be important to remember that there's a time and a place for creative thinking. But when it comes to starting a new chapter in a relationship with someone, fact, not fiction, needs to be the foundation.

A Sagittarius should focus on their friends

For a Sagittarius, this balance isn't needed so much in your romantic life as it is in your personal life. Libra is in your eleventh house, which InStyle explains controls your friendships or even professional relationships.

Don't be mistaken — just because this full moon is urging you to focus on platonic relationships doesn't mean there's going to be any less of an emotional release. As Chani Nicholas explains, reconnecting with your inner circle is going to help you tap into emotions you might have been neglecting. That could help you break through that writer's block or whatever else has you stuck creatively.

Jane Allison tells PopSugar the best way to celebrate this full moon if you're a Sagittarius is to plan a night out with just your friends. "If you are having issues with a friend, now is also a good time to hash it out," she suggests. It'll be a turning point in the friendship because the conversation will show you whether or not you should keep this person in your life.

So, like Cosmopolitan says, it's time to stop running away from what you're feeling for your friends and start figuring out why you feel that way. Have you been avoiding anyone in particular but haven't been able to be honest with yourself why? Now's the time to figure it out and start fresh. That means either with a new commitment to the relationship or closure for something that may not have been supporting you to begin with.