Prince Harry's Sweet Nickname For Meghan Markle Is Melting Hearts All Over Again

It's not often that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get good press, unfortunately. Indeed, it seems the royal couple is more frequently the subject of debate, with a recent example being their decision to skip Prince Philip's memorial service in the United Kingdom over concerns about their security.

The California residents' subsequent plans to travel to the Netherlands to host the Invictus Games made the no-show at the memorial even more eyebrow raising — however, Harry and Meghan did secretly visit the Queen while in Europe, according to the Mirror.

Of course, Harry founded the Invictus Games, which sees wounded veterans competing in physical challenges, and naturally took the stage at the Hague to kick things off. But before attendees got to see the prince, they were treated to an introduction by none other than his wife (via Daily Mail). In a clip shared to Twitter that shows Meghan speaking very highly of her husband, it's clear as day that she is still enamored with Harry.

But it's his response to the controversial royal that is getting the most attention.

Meghan Markle oozes with love for Prince Harry

In her introduction of Prince Harry at the Invictus Games, Meghan Markle says in part, "Now it is my distinguished honor to introduce somebody that I think you'll all be very excited to hear from." Indeed, the mom of two seems nearly giddy as she gets ready to bring her husband onto the stage.

Meghan goes on to share that Harry put a ton of work into making the games "perfect" for every single participant. "I could not love and respect him more," she then gushes, adding that the royal served two tours in Afghanistan and completed a decade of service in the military. Finally, the former actress introduces Prince Harry and he takes the stage.

The younger son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is overcome by emotion given the adoring applause and the standing ovation he is greeted with. But even more adorable is how he then thanks his wife by calling her, "my love." 

Remember, it was revealed that she also calls him "my love" in 2018 (via Marie Claire).

Royal fans are in a tizzy over the sweet moment

On Twitter, royal watchers were practically fainting over the affection shown between the famous royal couple. "The eloquence of HRH Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex! Prince Harry saying 'Thank you my love.' after she introduced him made me SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!" one person tweeted.

Another Twitter user said about the sweet moment, during which Meghan Markle also called Prince Harry "my incredible husband" and added he is the father of her two children, Archie and Lili, "I'm crying."

And yet another person who saw the exchange tweeted, "the best introduction and look at [Harry] at the verge of crying, Meghan was too at the end of her intro and THE 'Thank you my love' from Harry to Meghan." It seems this fan's interpretation of events is that perhaps Harry became very emotional upon hearing his wife's introduction.

Ultimately, the opening of the games was an amazing moment for more than one reason given the display of love between two frequently-criticized royals that we got to witness.

Meghan's pet names for Harry made fans swoon too

This isn't the first time the Sussexes' nicknames have made fans melt. On "The Late Late Show," Prince Harry revealed his wife calls him "Haz." The sweet moment occurred when host James Corden FaceTimed the duchess, after he and Harry enjoyed an afternoon cruising around L.A. on a classic double decker bus. During a visit to the mansion featured on sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," Corden suggested the royal couple should snap it up.

Meghan Markle quipped, "I think we've done enough moving," presumably in reference to the Sussexes' highly-publicized relocation to California. She then asked "Haz" how his day was going, leading the duke to reveal that Corden wasn't the best tour guide. Seizing on the moment, Corden teased, "Haz, oh Haz, I didn't know we were calling you Haz now?" And Harry fired right back, "Well you're not my wife."

As People notes, Meghan also calls her hubby "H," as she revealed in their joint documentary, "Harry & Meghan: An African Journey." The former "Suits" star was discussing their tough time with the British press, admitting she did her best to have a thick skin but ultimately couldn't take it any longer. "I have said for a long time to H, that's what I call him, 'It's not enough to just survive something. That's not the point of life. You have got to thrive. You have got to feel happy,'" the duchess shared.

Royal staffers mocked the Sussexes with their nicknames for the couple

It's no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a tough time during their relatively short stint with the royal family. We learned some stunning things about their issues in Harry and Meghan's infamous Oprah interview, for instance, from accusations of widespread racism to the duchess's devastating mental health concerns. Behind the scenes, royal staffers weren't too pleased with them either, which led to the creation of some unflattering nicknames. An insider told the Daily Mail that, at the time, the couple was referred to as "Monica and Chandler" because Meghan had a similar obsessive nature to the beloved character made famous by Courteney Cox on "Friends."

It was all reportedly in good fun, but regardless rumors circulated that Meghan was difficult, including from her own estranged father, Thomas Markle, who claimed she's "always been very controlling" during a tell-all interview on "Good Morning Britain" (via The Sun). "She's always been in charge, that's her nature, but not been rude," he opined. Despite the negativity associated with the nickname, it's worth noting that Monica and Chandler are frequently considered one of the best couples in "Friends" history, as Refinery 29 points out. Moreover, they went the distance, so Meghan and Harry may ultimately have the last laugh.