Christine Brown's Latest Photo Proves She's Living Her Best Life

Christine Brown from the popular TLC reality show "Sister Wives" took a big leap of faith when she chose to walk away from her large, plural family and split with her husband, Kody Brown (via TV Insider). She opened up about her struggle to find happiness in her life following what she described as a strained relationship with Kody that had been going on for years.

She told People that the biggest struggle with leaving Kody was the rest of her family, which includes sister wives Meri, Christine, and Robyn Brown, as well as many children. She shared, "It's not fun breaking people's hearts," adding, "I mean, at my core, I just want people to be happy and I just want people to feel loved. But I knew I was making a decision that would break hearts and it tore me apart. And it was super, super sad."

However, Christine chose to make the decision that was best for her, and she's not afraid to show off her newfound happiness online. In fact, fans now can't stop talking about how much better off the "Sister Wives" star seems. Furthermore, Brown's photos sometimes have everyone saying the same thing: that she appears happier. Her latest Instagram post is one such case. 

She's been showing off all the fun she's having on Instagram

Scrolling through Christine Brown's Instagram page gives you an insight into how happy the reality TV star and former polygamist is now that she left her relationship with Kody Brown. Recently, she hosted a fun party that showed off just how much fun she's having with her newfound freedom.

In the caption of her latest Instagram photo, Christine penned, "I hosted a 1920s-themed murder mystery dinner party and it was AMAZING! The costumes, the conversations, the accusations, all of it! We may be addicted to them now!"

Fans couldn't get enough of how happy she looked. One fan commented, "You look soo happy you let God lead you to your best life! Well done!!" Meanwhile, another chimed in, "You look AMAZING!!!! So proud of the progress you have made! You and your kiddos look so HAPPY!"

It isn't just this post that shows off how much happier Brown is now, either. According to Screen Rant, fans have noticed that, since she and Kody's separation, she's been having a blast. She took her kids to Disneyland and she even got her own TLC web series called "Cooking With Christine" that shows her making some of her signature dishes with her kids — and having a ton of fun while doing it. She is clearly living her best life now, and we couldn't be happier for her.