How To Get In On The Purple Blush Trend

If you've seen the purple blush trend on TikTok and wondered whether it's one to try, consider this your sign to take a chance and bathe in the purple luxe of it all. Per Refinery 29 U.K., purple blush actually blends out into the skin into a more natural rosy hue than pink blush to give a lit-from-within radiance. Think of the kind of subtle flush that's seen on the cast of "Bridgerton."

According to Elle Australia, color theory is the reason why what may look like an intimidating color like purple can blend into a beautiful hue on your cheeks. Color theorist and artist Peter Donahue explained that the warm-toned purple blushes used in TikTok tutorials are like the "Goldilocks" of skin-flattering hues. "That's key because if you've got a beautiful brown skin tone, that's going to land you in the pink [color] zone to get beautiful pink highlights," Donahue explained.

Of course, it's important to not go with a purple blush that has an excessively cooler undertone, as that can go gray on the skin. Conversely, an overly red undertone can look artificial on the skin. If all of this color theory intimidates you, don't worry. With the plethora of purple blushes out there, finding the right one for you is practically foolproof. Determining the right finish for your skin type and shade for your skin tone are key factors in nailing this violet vixen look.

How to make purple blush work for you

Anyone can benefit from a purple perk-up to the skin. That's because purple blush can color-correct sallow skin and brighten the face, per PureWow. For a naturally radiant look, a cream purple blush would be your best bet. If you want bold cheeks, then a powder blush will provide more pigment. The most flattering way to apply purple blush is to apply it on "the apples of your cheeks."

Per Allure, makeup artist Joseph Carrillo recommends applying purple blush with a "larger fluffy brush that has a bit of a point to it." This kind of brush is less dense and applies a softer wash of color that appears airbrushed. Furthermore, Sandra Saenz, global beauty ambassador of KVD Beauty, raved about purple blush, telling PureWow, "It gives the complexion a really pretty and flushed effect."

Celebrity Style Guide says purple blush can look great on all skin tones. Iconic London Sheer Cream Blush in Berry Boom is a warm-toned red-purple blush that is universally flattering. The buildable "gel-to-watercolor" formula offers a soft wash of color. Moreover, according to The Zoe Report, Em Cosmetics Color Drops Blush Serum in Little Lilac and LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush in Ultra Violet are lighter-colored purple blushes that will flatter all skin tones. The Em Cosmetics serum blush is a light-as-air, lilac-tinted liquid with a dewy finish, while the LORAC powder blush is lavender and offers a subtle, satin finish.

Purple blushes can complement light-to-medium skin tones

Generally speaking, makeup artist Nydia Figueroa recommends pale purple blushes with lavender tones for lighter skin tones, like the lavender powder blush Cheek Pop Blush in Pansy Pop by Clinique. Figueroa told Allure, "This blush is great for a fair complexion because it creates just a kiss of color on the cheeks." According to Elle Australia, people with lighter skin tones and yellow undertones can benefit from trying a magenta shade that leans pinker.

Meanwhile, Refinery29 U.K. highly recommends a cream purple blush if you have light skin with olive undertones, as it helps correct sallow tones. The cream formula adds a glistening radiance that works well with the brightening effect of the purple tones. After all, we could all use a secret weapon for brightening our skin.

While pale purples will highlight lighter skin tones, Figueroa recommends "pure purple" blushes for medium skin tones. These include Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush in Drama Cla$$. This bold violet shade is high drama and high class. Figueroa says this shade will especially glow on people with yellow undertones. "It is fun and vibrant but because this is a cream formula, [you should] start off light and build more intensely," she told Allure.

Purple blushes look striking on tan-to-deep skin tones

If you have a tan-to-deep skin tone, prepare for purple blush to become your best friend. Celebrity makeup artist Zoe James told Glamour U.K., "Purple is definitely a great color for most complexions but especially those with yellow undertones as it complements deeper and darker skin tones."

Furthermore, Makeup artist Joy Adenuga echoed the same sentiments, telling Refinery29 U.K., "Bright and bold colors are usually very flattering on darker skin tones, as the skin absorbs the colors beautifully." Meanwhile, makeup artist Joseph Carrillo encourages people with deep skin tones to opt for plum tones, per Allure. Carrillo recommends Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in Moodie Blu as a bold plum that works beautifully on darker skin tones. Celebrity Style Guide suggests trying Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in Faith, a pigmented plum formula that can be blended into a stunning wash of color.

According to Elle Australia, a cool-toned violet looks ravishing on darker skin tones with yellow or olive undertones, blending into the perfect, natural rosy hue. Makeup artist Zoe Moore also recommended mauve shades on those with deep skin and olive undertones to Refinery29 U.K. 

"It gives a beautiful, flushed glow and enhances the natural undertones in the skin," Moore explained. Moore added that purple blush blends in to look more natural than pink blush on deeper skin tones. No wonder purple is called the color of royalty. Show off the queen that you are and try on some purple blush.