Are You Indulging In These 'Skin Snacks' Every Day?

We have all heard before that health is wealth, and we know the importance of a nutritious diet. Still, it's easy to grab fast food to save time in our busy lives. It's vital to eat healthy foods because they help in "building muscle, sharpening your mind, or strengthening your heart" (via Eat This, Not That!) We all probably know fruits and vegetables are better for your health because they have more nutrients than a cheeseburger, but many of us tend to go the easy route. 

According to Rensselaer News, there was a significant rise in home delivery service use since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and people didn't just stick to ordering takeout but also groceries. Grocery deliveries went up by 113 percent because you can order the freshest fruits and vegetables. You cannot use the same excuses as before, saying you didn't have time to go grocery shopping and therefore grabbed something unhealthy. And it's time to add some fresh goodies to your basket.

Inner beauty is a thing. You can use the most expensive creams and invest in fancy treatments, but if your diet isn't healthy, it will show on your complexion. According to Healthline, nutrition is key for good health and also affects how your skin ages. The outlet adds that there is a connection between the food we eat and our health, which influences the appearance of our skin. Next time you are at the grocery store or order delivery, add some of these "skin-supporting" foods to your basket, per MindBodyGreen.


Berries are tasty and a great gift for good skin. Most berries, like blueberries and blackberries, have tons of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties to protect you from free radicals and rebuild and restore your health, ultimately showing on your skin (via Byrdie). Rachel Maiman, a board-certified cosmetic and general dermatologist at Marmur Medical, told the outlet, "Ellagic acid, however, appears to be the antioxidant prevalent in this food group that is also responsible for some of its skin-related benefits." Now don't forget to add some strawberries to your everyday smoothie.

Furthermore, dermatological nurse and celebrity aesthetician Natalie Aguilar told MindBodyGreen, "I always ask my clients to have three skin snacks a day, preferably berries," because berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C that help provide sun protection and have skin-brightening properties. Let's hear it for antioxidants and thank them for glowing skin.

Healthy fats

Not all fat is bad for you. Some healthy fats like avocados are actually great for your health and skin. Avocado is rich in healthy oils and vitamin E to help with skin hydration and skin barrier (via Byrdie). Another great example is walnuts. Dr. Maiman told Byrdie, "Walnuts are richer than most other nuts in both omega-3 fatty acids," and they help maintain the skin's oil barrier that helps prevent dry skin. Plus, omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties.

There has been an enormous demand for Korean and Japanese beauty in recent years because they have amazing skin. A study published in National Library for Medicine reported that Japanese women who included healthy fats like avocados in their diet had "more supple, springy skin" (via Healthline). Some studies also show that avocados might help your skin from sun damage that can lead to premature aging. Though we can't stop singing praises about healthy fats like avocado, it is still essential to wear sunscreen.


Everyone is talking about probiotics nowadays. Many people take probiotic supplements for gut health, but few people know what they exactly are. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, probiotics are tiny microorganisms. The ones used in probiotics are generally bacteria from the groups Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which help with digestion by killing harmful cells and therefore help our gut health. Their studies also show that probiotic bacteriotherapy can help with skin issues like eczema, acne, and inflammation. 

Dr. Whitney Bowe told Byrdie, "I always simplify it and say an inflamed gut means inflamed skin. If you heal your gut, that's the first step in healing your skin." She recommends pickled foods and yogurt with live cultures to get your dose of healthy probiotics. What we put in our bodies shows on our skin. Next time you are out, grab yourself some kimchi or kombucha because they are fermented and help your gut microflora that helps in strengthening your skin barrier, per MindBodyGreen

These "skin snacks" have antioxidant properties, help your gut, and keep your skin hydrated and healthy, so make sure to add these snacks to your everyday diet for great skin.