Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Season 1: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

Nikki Glaser is a rising star in comedy, a fact the E! network clearly recognized when they tapped her for a new reality show called "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" Glaser is best known for her career as a stand-up comic, though she also lends her humor to projects like her podcast "The Nikki Glaser Podcast" and hosting HBO Max's "FBoy Island."

The comedian has made headlines in the past for her irreverent jokes, grabbing attention for roasting some of TV's biggest names. In 2021, she famously roasted Ellen DeGeneres at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in a memoriam segment. Glaser also sparked a feud with Snooki after joking about the "Jersey Shore" cast, saying, "I'm surprised you guys are still alive," per US Weekly. Now, she's about to become a TV star herself, though that doesn't mean she's done making witty remarks. In promotional materials for the new E! show, Glaser pokes fun at the network, joking, "Tune in... on my favorite network, Bravo—I mean E!"

When does Welcome Home Nikki Glaser air?

Viewers will likely see a lot more of Nikki Glaser's bold jokes when "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" premieres on May 1, 2022. As shown in a trailer, the reality show follows Glaser as she was just about to make it big in the world of stand-up comedy. But in a relatable twist, she had to move back to her hometown of St. Louis at the start of the pandemic.

The series captures the comedian's antics with family and old friends as they try to understand the showbiz life she's started. Compared to other E! series like "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" features a cast of mostly ordinary people who have little experience in front of the cameras, including her childhood best friend Kerstin Robertson and her parents EJ and Julie Glaser (per IMDb). In fact, Glaser told E! that her mother was so scared to appear on the show that the comedian almost had to cast an actress to play her mom.

Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? includes some of Nikki's famous friends

Not everyone on "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" is new to the entertainment world. One cast member who's likely more comfortable with the cameras is Chris Convy, a Hollywood producer and writer who previously worked with Glaser on her 2016 Comedy Central talk show "Not Safe With Nikki Glaser" (via IMDb). According to The Sun, Convy and Glaser dated until 2016. If the "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" trailers offer any indication, the two seem to be rekindling their romance in the show's first season, with no shortage of awkward dates and make-out sessions.

Another famous name rounding out the main cast is comedian Andrew Collin, who fans may recognize as Glaser's co-host on "The Nikki Glaser Podcast." E! describes Collin as Glaser's "platonic roommate" on "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" which makes sense given that the two are used to sharing a sofa to film video episodes of the podcast.

St. Louis will honor Nikki Glaser following her new show

Along with Nikki Glaser and her crew of family and old friends, the location of "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?"— St. Louis — seems to act as a character in itself. The Missouri city is clearly a major departure from Glaser's previous residences of Los Angeles and New York City, the two places she called home for 17 years (per Orlando Weekly).

Though the blonde jokes that no one recognizes her in St. Louis on her E! show, the Gateway to the West seems to have fully embraced her return. After filming her homecoming for her new reality show, St. Louis decided to designate April 28 as Nikki Glaser Day. The comedian explained the big day on her podcast, saying that she's been given a key to the city's Ballpark Village, as well as the privilege of throwing the first pitch at a Cardinals' game.

Still, none of it seems to be going to her head. Glaser joked, "They wanted to do my face on, like, these little cardboard [masks] so everyone in the audience could have my face on theirs,' but I just thought that would maybe be too much. And I just felt like... some people are gonna be like, 'Who's Nikki Glaser?'" After the premiere of "Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?" we have a feeling everyone will know who she is.