If You're A Cancer, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

People born under the water sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 22) are represented by the crab (via Allure). Crabs are equally suited to life on land as they are to the sea, which makes them perfect representations of well-rounded Cancers. People born under this sign are true water signs in that they are deeply connected to their emotional worlds, tend to be emotionally intelligent, and are often highly intuitive. At the same time, they can sometimes be confused for earth signs thanks to their innate practicality, calm and grounded natures, and ability to be pragmatic.

Highly caring people who deeply crave meaningful connection with others, Cancers are selective about who they let past their protective "shell," but once they've chosen you, Cancers are likely to be the most loyal, loving, caring friends and partners you've ever had. Because they are such natural caretakers, Cancers are often people who are happier with a pet in their home. The companionship, love, and responsibility that pets provide helps Cancer to be their most natural, fully-expressed self. 

But which type of pet would best suit this water sign?

The best pets for a Cancer

Because Cancers can tend to be homebodies and are also highly intuitive, a natural match for their personalities is a cat (via Country Living). A cat and a Cancer are likely to make wonderful companions, as they would both be highly in-tune with one another's slightest shifts in mood or needs. Cancers would have the ability to respect a cat's need for space, and also relish in the hours of quiet, contemplative cuddling that cats provide. 

Cats are also quite self sufficient in many ways, and so when Cancer does feel a call to adventure, they can leave their companion overnight at home with food, water, and litter, and know that he or she will be just fine. On the other hand, they require enough care and attention to fulfill Cancer's need to take care of another living being and to dote livingly on someone/something who will thrive under the attention and adoration. 

In short, Cancers tend to make good cat people.  

More ideal pets for Cancers

Because Cancers are so protective, inherently gently, and sensitive, they can make wonderful pet parents to animals that other types would find boring or not high energy enough (via Reader's Digest). One such example is a bunny. Bunnies, contrary to what many people might believe, do not need to live in a cage. In fact, just like a cat, they can be litter box trained and allowed to roam freely around your house. In fact, when allowed to do this, bunnies can become highly affectionate, amusing, cuddly companions. And because bunnies are inherently nervous animals, a Cancer's calming, gentle nature would be a great match for them and would help them come out of their shells and feel safe and comfortable.

Much of the same can be said for an even less common family pet: the hedgehog (via Bustle). While they do like to keep to themselves sometimes, hedgehogs can also be affectionate and cuddly with the human of their choice (via Pet Helpful). It can take some time to litter train a hedgehog and for one of these sweet little creatures to become comfortable enough to trust you and want to cuddle. Cancers tend to have the patience and gentleness to allow the relationship to unfold in its natural time, and can therefore find the experience of raising one of these exotic little guys highly rewarding.