How The April 30 Solar Eclipse Will Affect Air Signs

New moons are often seen as a time to make a fresh start. The fact that the April new moon coincides with the end of the month might feel like an even bigger sign that you should blank-slate your life. But astrologers warn this is the exact opposite of what you want to do during an eclipse. "Eclipses are big news," explains Chani Nicholas. "As our luminaries flicker off and on, they reveal all that lurks in the shadows of our personal and collective lives. They are power surges that jumpstart a turning point."  The effects of eclipses aren't fully felt or understood until months after. What you're working through during the April 30 solar eclipse may have its foundation in the last, says Bustle

The fact that the eclipse is happening when the sun is in Taurus is going to help stabilize the chaotic energy of the eclipse, but only a little. The day of an eclipse is a day which has competing energies vying for power: the masculine sun versus the feminine moon, Nylon explains. This is also why the effects of an eclipse can be felt for so long; dust takes time to settle. 

Taurus will direct the focus of the eclipse onto your physical world and how secure you feel in it. For air signs especially, the eclipse is going to dig up rumination on security, both in your finances and your relationships, says Cafe Astrology. It's not a time to make any sudden movements.

Other astrological events that will have an effect on air signs during the April 30 solar eclipse

The sun and moon are not the only celestial bodies impacting how we experience the April 30 solar eclipse. Venus, Taurus' ruling planet, is currently conjunct with Jupiter in Pisces and will be especially active during the eclipse, per Cafe Astrology. It's also worth noting that according to Bustle, Venus and Jupiter are in a triple conjunction with Neptune, which will give a dreamlike quality to the day. You're going to have to work harder to stay connected to the present, especially as the eclipse brings up issues from the past. Working through things doesn't mean you need to relive every moment.

Venus will also be aligning with Uranus and Mars during the eclipse, which will help encourage mental clarity as you work through issues. This is because Mars will inspire courage and give you the strength to rise to the challenges that may come up, according to Bustle. "We may have to step beyond the limits of our comfort zone," they explain, "but these eclipse challenges will ultimately help us grow." This might include taking up a new wellness practice, like daily meditation

It's important to look ahead, too. Mercury will go into retrograde May 10, The AstroTwins warn. You can use the time of the eclipse to be proactive about your security by backing up important files you might need for work.

Air signs are going to see major life changes in the near future

The April 30 solar eclipse is going to be a "call to new life," Nylon explains. But don't think of it as a day to build your new life; instead prepare for it. 

Air signs need to anticipate having revelations about their relationships, either in their personal or professional life. According to Chani Nicholas, this is going to be especially true for Libras, who need to work on being able to tell when they've made a real connection. "This week's eclipse wants to help you separate the energy vamps from those firmly in your corner," she explains. You'll come out of it with a better understanding of who is supporting you. 

Home is something that feels elusive right now, especially as work and home boundaries continue blurring for many of us. For those born under Aquarius, Chani Nicholas says you will be looking at family patterns and traditions. Don't be surprised if this sets you down a new path in therapy or inspires you so start therapy if you haven't yet.

But Geminis, The AstroTwins warn in their weekly horoscope, need to sit still on the day of the solar eclipse. "This eclipse wants you to STOP trying to force a situation to go according to your perfect, fairy tale version," they explain. You'll only be able to make the next decision when you finally give up control.