How To Join The Roller-Skating Revival In Style

Swagger — that's just how we roll, baby. Literally, because this is a celebration of the please-don't-ever-end roller skating revival. In case you just moved to this planet, roller skating a kind of a big deal. Just ask TikTok roller skating phenom Ana Coto and her 2.1 million followers. The upswell in smooth moves started during the early days of the pandemic and, thankfully, is still going strong.

Roller skating embodies a freewheeling sense of freedom and joy. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Coto shares her enthusiasm, "I know how I feel when I'm skating, so I can only imagine people are smart and I don't have to tell them, 'Hey, look how happy I feel.' You can just sense it."

But it's not just the groovin' and gliding; the aesthetic is a magical combination of zen, stardust, and bubblegum boogie. And you know what? We can't get enough! So, here's how to join the roller skating revival in style.

The first step is to snag a groovy pair of roller skates

Of course, you'll need to invest in a pair of roller skates before you post your soon-to-be-viral videos and amass a TikTok following. Once you find a pair that channels your personal vibe, you could be up and rolling in the blink of an eye — just like Marician Dedeaux Brown, who mastered it within three months (via Bustle).

So, start your roller journey by scrolling through the rainbow roster of offerings at Moonlight Roller.

Hands-free is the way to be when living that rollerskating life

Surely you can't serve up sensational on-the-move mojo vibes if you're fumbling with a handbag. So let that life go; lean into your new mantra, "hands-free is the way to be." Here's yet another life scenario where a fanny pack is a must-have, an assignment that people in the '80s understood all too well. But skate-life inherently requires a pop of color, so look for a fanny pack that's iconic, bright, cheerful, or even whimsical.

The Dagne Dover Fanny Pack is available in lavender, orange, or black and rocks a recycled-bottles lining inside. Plus, it has an inner key loop, lip balm stash pocket, and more.

Pro tip: a little roller skating bling is charming

In theory, you can roller skate without music, but why? Whether you rock an '80s jam — like Joanna Gaines in her Insta-famous rollerskating debut — or roll with a modern-day beat, don't stop there. If you want to go all-in on the look, you'll need to understand that music is at the heart of roller skating. With that in mind, Roller Skate Dad says a killer playlist is essential.

But you'll also want to embrace the fashionable nuances of the aesthetic, so rock these low-key swanky charm necklaces from Scream Pretty. The brand offers all the traditional baubles but also skateboard, headphone, unicorn, mixtape, and roller skating necklaces and earrings.

If you're going to glide with the greats, comfort is mandatory

A quick peek at YouTuber Linda Cheung's mini-documentary about learning to roller skate, which boasts a million views, and it's clear — comfortable clothes are mandatory. Realistically, you can't be expected to master the moves in a restrictive, uncomfortable outfit. But, as with all things in the roller skating revival, it's fun to go the extra style mile. You might opt for '90s bellbottoms,' 80s neon, and fringe, or a retro tracksuit like this watermelon-sugar-high-vibed beauty from Adidas.

You can't help but smile when rolling on eight wheels

Smiley is not just a mood; it's a brand that delivers 100% good vibes. The iconic smiley face logo is pleasantly plastered on many uplifting products, everything from fashion, beauty, and all-around fun stuff. It's a 50-year-old image that projects positivity into the world around you. So much so that according to Hypebeast, Smiley collaborates with streetwear and major fashion houses to manifest their good vibes goals.

Good vibes goals? We can't think of a better roller skating mantra. So, turn up the tunes and the corners of your mouth because smile-style is a roller-skating staple. The frayed hems of the Eva Smiley Face Sweater impart a cozy, low-key vibe, and the Embroidered Beanie is begging to be worn nonstop, day and night.

Choose a roller skate aesthetic from whatever decade inspires you

Comfort is queen in roller skating. So you do you, whether that's the '70s-era bellbottom vibe or rainbow-powered leggings set. If you enjoy watching roller skating complications, like the Best Roller Skating TikTok Videos Compilation 2020, you've seen proof that roller fashion is a glorious highlights reel of the '70s, '80s, '90s, and beyond.

And the good news is that the folks at WildFox totally get it. Set aside some serious fill-your-cart time because the brand offers feel-good vibes in graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and utterly adorable everything. The Shields Flare Jeans are a good length for skating because they hit just at the ankle itself. Anything longer, and you risk a roller-face-plant. But, if you're team leggings, check out the retro-rainbow goodness of the High Waisted Soleil 7/8 Legging.

Modern-day roller skating fashion has come a long way since the 1800s

Did you know that the first roller skating rink was opened in Rhode Island in 1866? Well, the research and education experts at JSTOR Daily did a little digging, and sure enough, a gentleman by the name of James Plimpton was like, "hold my ale." He is credited with modernizing roller skates and creating the first roller rink — think "Boogie Nights" meets days of yore. In other words, we've come a long way from the buttoned-up beginnings of roller skating fashion.

Nowadays, we get to choose from bike shorts, short-shorts, jumpsuits, and whatever else your favorite social media roller-muse might suggest. So along those lines, Lezat is ready to roll. The Hailey Biker Short can often be found for less than $20, and the sherbet-colored options make every day feel like a celebration. Whereas the Restore Jumpsuit says, "I don't need a billionaire's space vacay. I'm doing just fine right here."

So, let's roll!