Ghosts Star Sheila Carrasco Explains Her Connection With Flower - Exclusive

When actress Sheila Carrasco first moved out to Los Angeles, she had her sights set on starring on "The Office" or a similar sitcom. "Like the Kelly Kapoor role or Meredith," she explained during an exclusive interview with The List,  "and have a really strong point of view and come in every now and again with a zinger and live with a whole funny cast."

A few months later, Carrasco made this goal a reality. She had landed a role in the CBS sitcom "Ghosts," playing a free spirit (pun intended) named Flower. "When I got cast in the role, I was over the moon," Carrasco told us. Ever since, Flower has haunted the halls of Woodstone Mansion, spreading love and a whole lot of laughs.

Playing a character like Flower was something this character-driven actress had always dreamed of. What makes the experience even more special, though, is the fact that Carrasco has quite a few personal connections to her larger than life character.

Flower's name is based off of Sheila Carrasco's family

Before Flower ever joined a commune or a cult (the biggest difference between the two was that she could wear shoes and call her family in the commune), the character had a completely different name. She was a woman named Susan Montero, which was a special surprise for Sheila Carrasco. "[The writers] asked me for a couple of options for the last name, and that was the biggest family name I had, but I didn't tell them that," Carrasco explained to The List.

When it came time for the table read for "Flower's Article," Carrasco was ecstatic to be able to add a lot more depth to her character. However, it was the hippie's birth name that left her speechless. "When they chose it, it really meant a lot, because that was my abuela's last name," she told us.

The actress admits that she often finds her mind wandering like Flower

The actress' Familia Carrasco Montero isn't small. "I'm the youngest of four in a big family," Sheila Carrasco told The List. With all the craziness that was constantly happening in her household as a kid, "I would not pay attention to what the whole family was talking about," she said, adding, "I had to tune everyone out."

Because of that, the actress was often referred to as "Sheila-la-land" by her siblings — something that sounds very fitting for her character Flower. "I bring that to this role because there's so many people talking all the time," Carrasco said.

Sure, Flower's mind may drift off due to the influence of drugs, but Carrasco completely understands what it's like to have to tune everyone around her out. "Yes, she is high, and yes, she's tripping a lot of the time," the actress said. "But also ... it's easier [for her] to be in her own world."

Season 1 of "Ghosts" is available to stream now on Paramount+.