Why You Might Want A Pearl Engagement Ring

Countless couples take their relationships to the next level by getting engaged with memorable proposals and beautiful engagement rings. According to Engagement Rings Magazine, these lovely, symbolic pieces of jewelry have some history behind them, and they signify forever love and commitment. The untold truth of your engagement ring is that your partner probably spent hours stressing over which type of ring to get, as there are many options out there.

Many people choose diamond rings, some like emeralds or rubies, and others go for pearls. The Pearl Source Blog noted many fascinating facts about pearls. They're unlike any other gems because pearls originate from living organisms, they're super rare, and they develop over the course of several months. If you're planning to propose to your significant other and are still trying to figure out what type of ring to get, consider investing in a pearl engagement ring. Trust us, a gorgeous pearl will make for a perfect engagement ring photo for Instagram!

There are different pearls to choose from

Pearl engagement rings are an excellent option for people with unique personalities. According to Brides, there are four popular pearl options, one of which is freshwater pearls. They're often less expensive than the other options, they come from bodies of freshwater, and they're available in different styles. Other choices include Akoya pearls, which have a lovely glowy look, South Sea pearls that typically come from Australia, the Philippines, or Indonesia, and Tahitian pearls, which are darker and more dramatic than traditional white pearls.

If you're looking for a classy freshwater engagement ring for your partner, Tiffany & Co sells the beautiful olive branch-inspired Olive Leaf Pearl Ring by Paloma Picasso for around less than $600. Another breathtaking, timeless pearl option is the Mikimoto White Gold Akoya Pearl Diamond Ring. Available at J.R. Dunn for around $2,5000, this ring will beautifully complement all of your partner's outfits, including their wedding dress!

Anyone willing to splurge on a bolder choice should consider the 18K White Gold South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring. This stunning engagement ring is available at Geoffrey's Diamonds & Goldsmith for less than $5,200 and will never fail to turn heads. Last but not least, if you're looking for a unique, edgy engagement ring, the 14K White Gold Diamond & Black Green Tahitian Pearl Classic Ring is selling at American Pearl and has a flower-esque look with a darker twist.

Pearlcore is trending

While pearls are such a classic look that they never really fall out of style, they happen to be particularly trendy right now. So much so that "pearlcore" is a popular aesthetic. According to InStyle, pearls are everywhere in the fashion world, making their way into various styles, and fashionistas of all genders are wearing them for a variety of everyday activities. If your significant other follows all of the hottest trends, consider getting them a pearl engagement ring, because we don't think the pearlcore aesthetic will go away anytime soon!

We love pearlcore, and there are plenty of examples of how to pull off this trend on Instagram. Style savvy people are getting creative with pearls by wearing them on their tops and incorporating them into their makeup. Others are wearing shoes adorned with pearlshair accessories featuring an array of pearls, and of course, breaking out their pearl necklaces. A stunning pearl engagement ring will perfectly match this aesthetic!

Pearls are an elegant option

For as long as we can remember, pearls have been associated with class and poise because of their simple elegance. According to Pacific Pearls, pearls signify romance, morality, and beauty. The famous Jackie Kennedy once said: "Pearls are always appropriate," (per Pacific Pearls). If Kennedy herself gave pearls her seal of approval, we know they're worth wearing!

Forbes also explained that many famously graceful women have worn pearls over the years, including Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Angelina Jolie. Wearing pearls can help you exude sophistication like these beautiful women. An engagement ring isn't just a trendy piece that you'll be wearing for a few years until it goes out of style. As long as your romantic life goes according to plan, you'll be wearing your engagement ring every day for the rest of your life. So, your partner should invest in a ring with a stone that'll be appropriate for every stage of your life: A pearl.

Pearls can be colorful

Most people think of the traditional white coloring when pearls come to mind, but another excellent aspect of this stone is that they come in a plethora of color options. According to Pure Pearls, pearls can be black, golden, pink, peach, light purple, blue, and brown, so anyone can buy a pearl engagement ring in their favorite color.

If you're looking for an edgy black pearl engagement ring, check out the Tahitian Pearl Bypass Ring with Diamond Trio, available at Angara. Also available at Angara is the Golden South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bypass Ring, which features a golden pearl that exudes luxury and character.

If your favorite color is pink, the lovely GLAMIRA Ring Kanyatta features a girly pink pearl and sells for less than $800. Those who prefer lilac should consider buying the Rose Gold Lilac Freshwater Pearl Ring from Maui Divers Jewelry, which is available for less than $700. Furthermore, if you want a brown pearl engagement ring, the Le Vian Cultured Pearl Ring is one of the most unique engagement rings we've ever seen and is available at Kay Jewelers.

Celebrities are rocking this look

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to love pearl engagement rings, some of our favorite celebrities have been wearing them lately, including the one and only Ariana Grande. The truth about Grande's boyfriend-turned-husband Dalton Gomez is that he proposed with a beautiful engagement ring in December 2020. Per Grande's Instagram, the ring features two stones: One is a huge oval-shaped diamond, and right next to it is a petite white pearl. Grande has such a unique engagement ring, and the famous pop star seems to love it, captioning her post: "forever n then some" — so cute!

The beautiful and talented Emma Stone also has a pearl engagement ring. In December 2019, her now-husband, Dave McCary, posted an adorable picture of him and Stone on Instagram. In the photo, the actress flaunts her ring by showing a close-up of her fist. Although the picture is a bit blurry, we can see a classic pearl as the focal point of Stone's elegant engagement ring. Her ring exudes a classy, timeless vibe, and we're totally here for it!