The Message Malin Akerman & Lorenza Izzo Hope Audiences Take Away From The Aviary - Exclusive

We may not all be able to relate to Blair and Jillian's expedition as they trek across the desert to escape a cult in "The Aviary." However, we certainly can relate to the journey they experience while trying to discover themselves along the way. After all, "our whole lives are about questioning who we are and figuring out who we are," actress Lorenza Izzo said during an exclusive interview with The List.

As we all wander through life seeking out answers, there are a whole lot of influences that can interfere with how we feel about ourselves. Whether or not it's with a cult doesn't necessarily matter. "I mean, especially today in this day and age with influencers, and social media, and so many different news outlets that you don't know what to trust," Izzo explained.

"The Aviary" takes us into the minds of two women who have been brainwashed, but the actresses playing them explained that there is an important lesson we can all take away from the film. "Everyone's searching for the answer," Malin Akerman said, as she and her co-star, Izzo, noted that their characters' struggles share a lot in common with those that people face when trying to define themselves.

Don't let others influence your own identity

At every turn in life, there seems to be someone or something trying to influence our thoughts and behaviors. "That can be really hard if you're at a vulnerable place," Lorenza Izzo told The List.

Her character, Blair, is searching for herself in "The Aviary" when she comes across Skylight, a cult that completely changes how she perceives the world around her. Joining the group had seemed like a no-brainer at the time, considering they had promised to make her life so much more fulfilling. Looking back, this sounds too good to be true — and that's because it is.

In the end, that's the message the film's leading ladies want audiences to walk away with. "There's no quick fix," Malin Akerman said. "And if someone ever presents themselves to you saying that they have the answer, and they'll help you find yourself, it's not what it seems."

There is, however, one specific person who can always help lead you on the right path: you. "The only person who can figure it out is yourself," Akerman said.

"The Aviary" is now in theaters. You can also catch it directly on digital and on demand.