Soap Opera Star Steve Burton Shares Shocking Family News

Former "General Hospital" star Steve Burton has been surprising fans a lot over the last six months. In October 2021, he confirmed his exit from the ABC soap and his role as Jason Morgan. On Instagram he explained that he was let go after refusing to comply with a vaccine mandate. He then surprised fans again in April 2022 when news broke that he would be returning to the soap opera scene on "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem." The "Days of Our Lives" spin-off mini-series will debut its second season on Peacock in July (via Soap Hub). 

On May 4, a screenshot of Steve's wife Sheree Burton's Instagram bio circulated on Twitter. Fans noticed that it described her as a "Mom of 3...Soon to be 4." At the moment, Sheree has removed the "4" from her bio on the app, but she did not do so before rumors began circulating that the Burtons were about to welcome another child to their fold. 

Within a few hours, Steve made his own statement about those rumors in his Instagram stories.

Steve Burton cleared up rumors about his wife welcoming a fourth child

When Steve Burton learned that rumors were circulating that his wife of 23 years Sheree Burton might be pregnant again, he used social media to explain what she was referring to. Sheree did imply she would soon be a mother to four children; however, the reality is not what you would initially think.

"I wanted to clear something up," Burton wrote in a statement on his Instagram stories, according to Soap Hub. "Sheree and I are separated. She recently announced that she's expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve."

Burton and Sheree celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary January 16. (via The Famous People). On the pair's 22nd anniversary in 2021, Steve took to Instagram to pay a short tribute to his wife. "When I first saw [my wife], the world stopped and I knew within two weeks I would marry her," he wrote, according to That post has since been removed.