The Lavish Gift Kate And William Got Princess Charlotte For Her Birthday

Prince William and Kate Middleton are working hard to give their three children — sons Prince George and Prince Louis and daughter Princess Charlotte — a normal childhood. This is no small feat since they're members of the British royal family, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are determined to make it happen.

The couple prioritizes normal family bonding moments like nightly dinners, but they're also working together to help George, Charlotte, and Louis find their own interests and passions away from the monarchy. "As royal parents, both Kate and William have focused on ... working to ensure that all three of their children enjoy the peaceful childhood that eluded William and Harry," royal expert Robert Lacey wrote for People.

With that in mind, William and Kate make sure that their children's birthdays are extra special. The busy royals always "clear their schedules and avoid any work calls, unless there's an emergency, to enable them to give their children their undivided attention," a source told Us Weekly

As Charlotte turned 7 on May 2, her parents wanted to make sure her birthday was one to remember, especially since her last two were small due to the pandemic. This year, William and Kate threw two parties — one with family at home and a second with friends at Kensington Palace. And that was just the beginning; they also surprised the princess with a lavish gift.

Princess Charlotte got a pony for her birthday!

For her seventh birthday, Princess Charlotte received a gift most girls her age only dream about: a pony! "The gift Charlotte wanted more than anything was a pony. She has been taking horse riding lessons for over a year and is obsessed," a source told Us Weekly. "William and Kate know that her passion for riding isn't a [phase] and finally agreed to buy her one."

In fact, all three of William and Kate's children have taken up horseback riding, according to The Times. It's an interest they undoubtedly inherited from their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who is a noted lover of horses. Not only is Charlotte into riding, but she's also reportedly an excellent student who excels in learning new languages. "She's already well ahead of schedule and dipping in and out of a number of languages, though Spanish is her favorite," the insider told Us Weekly. 

And when it comes to growing up in the public eye, the princess appears to be a natural. "It's obvious from being around Charlotte that she possesses all the personality traits to excel in her future role," the source said. "Being in the public eye comes naturally to her — she rarely feels intimidated or complains about it. It's something she really enjoys."