New Photo Of Nicole Kidman Has Fans Talking About Her Younger Look

It's not exactly a secret that many Hollywood stars get Botox and fillers or even face lifts to try and maintain their youthful appearance. Fans have been buzzing for years that Nicole Kidman has had work done. 

According to the Oscar winning actress, that she has no wrinkles whatsoever even into her fifties is thanks to healthy living, not going under the knife. "To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything," Kidman told Marie Claire in 2007.

She added that she tried Botox in the past but decided to stop, noting, "I can finally move my face again." Now, the star credits applying sunscreen and not smoking for her seemingly-perfect skin, as well as taking care of herself. Well, fans may have felt skeptical before, but now, they are venting their blatant disbelief that Kidman has not done something to her face in light of new Instagram photos she shared on Wednesday.

Fans both praise and question Nicole Kidman's look in the new photos

Taking to her Instagram this week, Nicole Kidman shared a series of photos of herself with director Lulu Wang, with whom she is working on a highly-anticipated Amazon series called "Expats" (via New York Post). To be fair, most fans enthused that she looks gorgeous and they are excited for her upcoming project, while others praised the star for her amazing acting chops.

But some fans couldn't help but point out the elephant in the room. "Nicole what did you do with your face?!?!?!!!? You are starting to get like a monster, it's sad cuz you were beautiful," commented one person who was especially struck by the actress' seeming immunity to aging.

"That's not even you Nicole," said someone else wryly, while another fan sadly noted, "Too much work done Nicole."

While Kidman has not spoken out recently about having undergone any procedures, it's worth pointing out that her Marie Claire interview in which she claimed to never have gotten surgery to look younger took place well over a decade ago, so there's no telling what she may or may not have done in that time. Most importantly, no matter what her plastic surgeon knows (if she even has one) as fans also noted over and over again, the A-lister looks very happy in this new post.