5 Times Taylor Swift Proved Elegance Starts With Red Gowns

With over 200 million followers on Instagram and more than 11 million TikTok followers, it's no secret that Taylor Swift is one of the most successful musicians in the pop music genre. Having released a plethora of successful albums and music videos, Swift's best songs have made her not only a famous musician but also a beloved icon and role model for her fans. The blond beauty has worn some stunning outfits and makeup looks, too, as many of her fans see her as a source of fashion inspiration.

According to Swift's website, the untold truth of her popular "Red" album is that she actually rereleased her own version of the album, fittingly called "Red (Taylor's Version)." Swifties can purchase merchandise based on the album, and unsurprisingly, much of the apparel and accessories inspired by the album feature red details. It's appropriate that Swift has an album (now two albums) named "Red," as she frequently wears the bold color. The pop star never fails to turn heads whenever she steps out in a red gown, and some of those dresses were so stunning that they deserve shoutouts.

Her flowing gown at the 2012 Billboard Music awards

According to PopSugar, the stunning and talented Taylor Swift wore a long red dress by Elie Saab to the Billboard Music Awards in 2012. The gown featured a high neckline with a sleeveless look, and the top half of the dress had a sexy lace design with some red lines carefully covering certain parts of the singer's body. Meanwhile, the bottom half of her dress presented a graceful cascading effect. This gorgeous gown breaks the stereotype that all red dresses have highly pigmented bright hues, as this gown was a somewhat pinkish shade of dark red, adding to the sophistication of the style. Furthermore, Swift completed the look with long, straight hair, makeup enhancing her famous blue eyes, and a subtle yet shiny lip.

The beautiful dress went over very well in the fashion world, and Cosmopolitan even ranked her as one of the event's best-dressed attendees, praising her for this intriguing, enigmatic look. While this look goes back to 2012, we're still not over it!

She looked like royalty in a red gown with sparkles at the 47th CMAs

Pinkvilla noted that Taylor Swift wore another red gown by Elie Saab to the 47th Country Music Awards. However, this look was completely different from what the singer wore to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, as while this dress also had a high neckline, the fabric had a thicker-looking, heavier appearance, and the bottom looked significantly fuller. Although this princessy gown still would've looked excellent without any additional details, the delicate sparkles covering parts of the dress added just the right amount of extra glamour to take this style to the next level.

E! News enjoyed this elegant gown, explaining how they felt that the outfit gave a Christmas-inspired vibe, raving about how gorgeous Swift looked and the lovely embellishments on the dress. Between the gown's full shape, luxurious red color, and sparkling details, Swift looked like true royalty at this award show.

Taylor Swift brought the drama in a rose-inspired dress

Taylor Swift's talented stylist, Joseph Cassel Falconer, posted a picture (via Instagram) where the pop star looked as pretty as a flower — a red rose to be exact! The picture also showed a bottle of Swift's Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume, and she wore a strapless gown by Monique Lhuillier in a somewhat lighter shade of red with a magnificent rose-like structure toward the bottom and a breathtaking large rose print covering the dress. Her long hair flowed in soft waves and her red lips perfectly complemented the gown.

Falconer expressed his admiration for this look in the post's caption, writing: "I remember where I was standing when this photo was taken. Like yesterday. The dress was so perfect @moniquelhuillier and I even remember the @houseoflavande bracelet." We understand why the stylist had so much love for this look, as Swift looked like a magical goddess in this rose-like dress.

Her poofy red dress made a musical statement

Taylor Swift rocked a plethora of unique looks in her music video for "I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version)" (via YouTube) but one look that really stood out was a white wedding gown that transformed into a poofy red ball gown. There's something so captivating and cohesive about watching the musician sing in a red room in this red gown with a matching red guitar and red lipstick. All the different reds came together beautifully!

According to an Instagram post by Joseph Cassell Falconer, this look consisted of a dress by Nicole + Felicia, earrings by Nicho Rey, and rings by Retrouví. Fans showed lots of love for this look in the comments. One Instagram user wrote: "You deserve an award for the costumes in this video" while another commented: "Congratulations on a brilliant job done! She looks stunning beyond words!!" Whether or not you're a fan of Swift's music, all fashion enthusiasts should check out the music video for the incredible looks – especially this red gown.

She turned heads in a patterned red gown at the Cats premiere

At the premiere of "Cats," Taylor Swift was the epitome of bold elegance. The pop star wore a dramatic strapless red gown by Oscar de la Renta, featuring a unique, seemingly nature-inspired pattern in various colors. Per Instagram, the musician also rocked shoes by Chloe Gosselin, earrings by Maxior Joias, rings from Borgioni and Beladora Jewelry, and an Oscar de la Renta coat. She wore her signature blond hair back in a bun for a sophisticated style and donned a red lip to match the gown.

StyleCaster gave a glowing review of this look, explaining how the pop star always kills it when she wears vintage-inspired outfits like this one. They also loved how the look had pockets – such a convenient detail!

We can't get enough of Swift's red gowns, and we can't wait to see what the fashion, beauty, and music icon will be wearing next.