Chloe Kim Reveals The 'Biggest Pressure' She Faces

22-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim is a two-time Olympic gold medalist for the halfpipe. She earned her first medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games when she became the first woman on the halfpipe to land back-to-back 1080 jumps — three rotations in the air on one wall and then three more on the other wall, via CNN. It helped her earn a score of 98.25, which was 8.5 points ahead of the silver medalist, and at 17 years old, she was the youngest woman ever to win a snowboarding gold. It made sense, then, that all eyes would be on the young athlete at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, and Kim pulled out another gold medal run, per The New York Times.

And this year, she showed she could make the transition from the halfpipe to the red carpet. Kim attended her first Met Gala in 2022, and she wore a red and white Giambattista Valli Couture ball gown that she said made her feel "like a princess," per Extra. Kim, who is Korean-American, has also been hailed as an inspiration for the Asian-American community, according to Outside. Kim has talked about what it's like to feel the pressure of representing her community.

Chloe Kim feels pressure to be a perfect role model

You might think that the toughest thing Chloe Kim has to face is during her training and competition. But instead, Kim, who has been in the spotlight for her back to back gold medal wins in snowboarding, told Refinery29 that "the biggest pressure in my life is being this perfect role model." She reflected on second guessing what she posts on social media, saying "Is this gonna make people think that I'm crazy or that I'm not a good role model to kids? That I'm not PG?"

This isn't the first time that Kim has revealed the pressure she faces. In 2019, she told ESPN "Every time I'm stepping outside, I have to make sure I'm putting my best foot forward." Along with pressure to be a role model, Kim has also faced racism throughout her life, and as she became a dominant snowboarder, she started getting harassed on social media leading her to delete Instagram and turn off notifications, per ESPN.

Kim will not be competing in the 2022-2023 snowboarding season, but she's planning to train for the 2026 Milano Cortina Olympics, and she's hoping for a third gold, via Olympics.