Here's How The Queen Reacted To A Joke Made At Her Expense

Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II made an increasingly rare public appearance at the Windsor Horse Show's, "A Gallop Through History" performance celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. Town and Country shares that while the Jubilee celebration does not officially begin until June 2nd, the performance, "marks the unofficial start of the celebrations" and is the "the first major event" of this celebration. The history shared in the performance celebrated the reign of Elizabeth I to the Coronation of Elizabeth II, the reigning monarch. Celebrations included presentations and performances from a celebrity lineup.

One of the celebrity presenters at the event was Omid Djalili, a British-Iranian actor/comedian who is self-described as spending his time, "trying to keep his weight down by yoyo dieting and playing football in West London still hoping to get spotted by Brentford Football Club," as shared on his Omidno Agenda website. Not shying away from current events or even the oft untouchable status of the queen, the comedian added live onstage, "Your Royal Highness, on behalf of everyone here we would like to thank you, very humbly, for picking us over the State Opening of Parliament," according to People. Djalili continued, "You did the right thing, and I won £5 in a bet with my local kebab shop owner in Ipswich."

The Queen's reaction suprised many

Djalili is referring to reports of the Queen's recent mobility issues, specifically trouble walking, which caused a last-minute substitution for the opening of Parliament, where Prince Charles instead delivered the Queen's Speech according to The New York Times. This cancellation marked only the Queen's third absence for this speech in 70 years. Speculation ensued that the monarch may continue to miss future events for these same reasons, making Djalili's joke both touching and a bit cheeky at the moment.

But did the Queen mind the humor?

The Queen was both gracious and amused. As People notes, Her Majesty "didn't seem to mind the jab" and "gave a subtle smile and wave of her hand in response." And while some may have been a bit worried at the quip, the Queen herself is actually quite known for her sense of humor. Marie Claire reports a famous exchange where Elizabeth met her grandson William and commented, "Thank heavens he hasn't ears like his father."

It would seem this royal humor applies just as easily to Her Majesty as it does to others, and gives us all a good laugh besides.