Everything We Know About The New Musical Drama Starring Susan Sarandon And Trace Adkins

Susan Sarandon, known for her roles in "Thelma and Louise," "Little Women," "Bad Moms," and the iconic sitcom "Friends," has been one of Hollywood's biggest names since the 1970s (via IMDb). Trace Adkins, on the other hand, is a country music maven and has topped the Billboard Hot Country charts with hits like "You're Gonna Miss This" and "Ladies Love Country Boys." Now, the unlikely dup are teaming up for Fox's much-anticipated musical drama "Monarch."

The series follows the Roman family, headed by Sarandon's character Dottie Cantrell Roman and Adkins' character "Texas Truthteller" Albie Roman. According to IMDb, they're joined by International Emmy Award winner Anna Friel, who will play the role of Nicolette "Nicky" Roman, and singer-turned-actress Beth Ditto, who will portray the character of Gigi Taylor-Roman. 

The Roman clan are given the title of "the first family of country music" in an official trailer for the show. However, it quickly becomes evident that "Monarch" has a juicy storyline that both country music fans and drama lovers will easily get sucked into.

Fox's drama-packed show Monarch will premiere in the fall

Fox's "Monarch" zooms in on Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins' characters, Dottie and Albie Roman, and the country music dynasty they've built. Though the Romans have clearly made a name for themselves in the music industry, their legacy is under threat, as Dottie appears to be sick in one of the show's trailers. Swooping in to protect the Romans' place in country music, and steal the crown from mother Dottie, is Nicky Roman — but not without a little competition from her sister, Gigi.

The Roman family will do whatever it takes to maintain their country music reign, including hiding some major secrets and scandals. From family lies to a possible murder, "Monarch" is packed with drama. Fans have been waiting to tune in to the new series for quite some time, as Fox originally planned to premiere "Monarch" in January 2022. However, the network delayed the premiere date due to COVID-19 concerns, per Taste of Country, and the show is now slated to begin airing in fall 2022.