How Many Times Has Nikki Newman Been Married On The Young And The Restless?

When Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott) was first spotted by business tycoon Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) working as an exotic dancer in the '70s, neither knew that it would be the beginning of a decades-long love affair.

Over the next 40 years, the two would wed (each other) four times, have two children together, put each other through terrible pain and heartbreak, and rack up a number of other marriages to other people. Despite everything that tried to come between them, the iconic daytime super-couple always found their way back to each other.

Nikki Newman has gone through many phases in her life in both her career and love life. Outside of her many marriages, she is also known for her tumultuous relationships with Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) and Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), who would later marry her daughter (via Soap Central). 

Certainly no stranger to nuptials, Nikki Newman has been married a whopping eleven times. Let's take a look back at her many walks down the aisle.

Greg Foster, 1979-1981

Nikki's first husband was Greg Foster (Wings Hauser), a young lawyer and the brother of her nemesis Jill Foster (Brenda Dickson). The relationship was rocky from the start, as Nikki was having an affair with Paul Williams before they even walked down the aisle. During this time, Nikki was unwittingly pushed into prostitution by her modeling agency and accidentally killed a "john" in self-defense. Nikki tried to hide the crime and let a street kid named Tony take the fall. She even managed to keep her secret when Greg was hired to defend Tony in court. However, when Greg's mother was shot in a retaliation hit that was meant for him, the truth came out and Greg kicked Nikki to the curb because of her lies (via Soap Central).

Kevin Bancroft, 1982-1983

Nikki then married a wealthy socialite named Kevin Bancroft (Chris Holder). Nikki was pushed toward Kevin by prominent businessman Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), who had already unknowingly impregnated her. Victor couldn't reconcile that he had fallen in love with someone of her status and was trying to avoid his feelings. Ultimately, Nikki returned to her life of stripping to get away from Kevin's overbearing mother, and as a result he called it quits (via Soaps in Depth).

Victor Newman, 1984-1988

Finally ready to admit their feelings, Nikki and Victor wed and settled in as a family to raise their daughter Victoria. Victor teaches Nikki about high society life and tries to transform her into his ideal wife. Unfortunately, Victor soon finds himself entranced by Ashley Abbott (Brenda Epperson) and begins having an affair. He ultimately reconciles with Nikki when she is diagnosed with cancer and the birth of their second child Nicholas follows soon after. Later, during the writing of Victor's biography, a chapter makes it into the book detailing Victor's affair and misdeeds, at the behest of Ashley's brother and Victor's business rival, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Assuming his wife is to blame for intentionally ruining his reputation, an infuriated Victor divorces Nikki (via Soap Opera Spy).

Jack Abbott, 1990-1994

Following the book disaster, Victor takes over Jack's family company, Jabot Cosmetics. Both seeking retaliation against Victor, Nikki and Jack marry (as do Victor and Ashley). Years later, Victor hasn't gotten over Nikki and he agrees to give Jack back his company if he divorces Nikki. At the same time, Nikki's alcoholism and addiction to painkillers was putting a strain on the marriage, so Jack agreed to Victor's deal (via Soap Central).

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Joshua Landers, 1996-1998

Nikki was distraught that she still wasn't able to be with Victor because he was now involved with Hope Adams (Signy Coleman), the mother of his third child. To cure her broken heart, Nikki impulsively began a relationship with her gynecologist Dr. Joshua Landers (Heath Kizzier). The two went to Las Vegas to elope and were married just before Victor arrived to try and stop them. Soon Josh's previous wife, who was presumed dead, reappears and attempts to pick up where they left off. When he rejects her attempts at reconciliation she murders him and shoots Nikki four times (via Soap Central).

Victor Newman, 1998

Victor, who has now left Hope and is married to architect Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelly), panics when he hears that Nikki has been gravely injured. He gets a quickie divorce from Diane so that he can marry Nikki and be with her on her deathbed, though promising to return to Diane after Nikki dies. However, Nikki recovers from her injuries and the two try to make another go of it. When Nikki expresses her desire to have another child, Victor is less than enthusiastic and as a result she has an affair with Brad Carlton (Don Diamont). Victor finds out about the affair, and though he is having one of his own, he leaves Nikki once again (via Soaps).

Victor Newman, 2002-2008

In slightly less dramatic fashion, Victor and Nikki reconnected again in 2002. Victor had gone on a country-wide journey to visit all of his old flames in an attempt to understand his failed relationships, and came to the realization that Nikki was his one true love. The two planned a lavish wedding to be held at the same location as their first wedding. Years later, after suffering from periods of long-distance, dramatic illnesses, complicated business negotiations, a couple presumed deaths, and oh yeah, that one time Victor was caught kissing his son's wife, the "supercouple" decided to call it quits again. This time, tired of Victor's arrogance and condescension, Nikki left him (via Soap Central).

David Chow, 2008

Feeling more empowered than ever, Nikki became involved with David Chow (Vincent Irizarry) who she had become close to while he was working as her campaign manager during her run for the State Senate. She agreed to David's marriage proposal after learning that Victor had become engaged to their daughter's friend Sabrina Costelana (Raya Meddine). Unbeknownst to her, David had killed two of his previous wives to collect life insurance money which he had then gambled away. Nikki eventually discovers that David had changed his identity due to a criminal past and asks for a divorce, to which he responds by attempting to drug her with a lethal dose of morphine. Nikki was rescued and later that evening David was killed when his limo was involved in an accident (via Soap Central).

Deacon Sharpe, 2011

A few years later, following broken engagements to both her exes Paul and Victor, Nikki became involved with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) who she'd met while attending AA meetings. Deacon had been involved in a plot with one of Victor's many admirers to spike Nikki's drinks and force her off the wagon, but then fell in love with her for real. Later, he blackmailed her into marriage by agreeing to not tell the police what he knew about Nikki's involvement in the death of Victor's ex Diane. Video evidence of Nikki acting in self-defense eventually surfaced and she was finally free of Deacon's manipulations (Soaps in Depth).

Jack Abbott, 2012

Jack and Nikki reconciled once again as she supported him through his recovery from a shooting that had left him temporarily paralyzed, and they were engaged a second time. Nikki, and the rest of their guests, were thrilled to see that Jack had recovered enough to stand up at their wedding ceremony. However, Jack soon realized that Nikki would never truly love him the way she loved her ex-ex-ex-husband, when she turned down his surprise honeymoon getaway to search for Victor, who had gone missing. When she failed to find Victor, Nikki returned to Jack and tried to reconcile, but he decided he had enough and they promptly divorced (via Soap Central).

Victor Newman, 2013-present

When Victor was unable to be located and eventually presumed dead, Nikki was thrust into despair. Victor, who was actually alive and well, returned to Genoa City to find Nikki crying over his gravesite. The two reunited again, and after their iconic ranch house burned down, they decided to embrace their fresh start and were married on Valentine's Day 2013. But, this wasn't the end of the story. In 2017, the iconic couple renewed their wedding vows after agreeing to have an open marriage, which, considering how much they like to sleep with other people, made perfect sense. However, after an attempt on Victor's life, the duo recommitted themselves to only each other, and have since managed to stay on the same side against their adversaries (via Soaps).

Is this truly Nikki and Victor's last time on the merry-go-round of love? Only time will tell.