Joanna Gaines Opens Up About The Major Life Change She's Making This Year

Just like the seasons change, people often change, too. We all go through phases and different chapters in our lives, especially as we grow up and get older. Whether those changes are the result of a new career, a move, a health journey, or family growth, there are times when they can really improve our quality of life (per HuffPost). Perspective is everything, so it's all about how we choose to perceive the changes that life throws our way.

For some people, change can be intimidating or scary, but on the other hand it can be truly exciting for others. When we get stuck in the same habits and routines over time, life can begin to feel heavy and serious, or even monotonous. Sometimes changing our habits or mindset can shake things up for the better, and really improve our outlook on life. This doesn't just apply to "normal" people, either — even successful celebrities or public figures can experience these changes. Joanna Gaines, the creative mind behind "Fixer Upper" and the Magnolia Network, is a great example of how making even small changes can improve your life.

Joanna Gaines is committed to living out loud

Known for her successful ventures as shiplap lover and interior whiz, many fans of Joanna Gaines see her as a serious businesswoman and creative. Even creating an entire line of home products sold in Target stores nationwide (via Target), Gaines — who's undergone a stunning transformation — has essentially become a household name. While these accomplishments are obviously something to be proud of, the "Fixer Upper" star has found that her incredible career has sometimes come at a cost: having fun.

As she wrote on her Magnolia blog in the summer 2022 issue, "It's easy for me to take life too seriously sometimes. Fun doesn't seem to run in my blood the way it does for others. But even I can sense when it's time to cut loose. So I kicked this year off with all the hope of living it out loud." On the cover of her Magnolia Journal summer issue, Gaines is pictured riding down a colorful road on green roller skates. In the blog post, she further explained that she bought them for herself while Christmas shopping for her daughters. "Who knew if I'd ever use them, but I'd just resolved to have more fun, loosen up a bit, and a pair of retro roller skates seemed like a near-perfect reminder of that," she wrote.

After many years of a successful career and thriving business, Gaines is determined to "have fun" this year, as her mom always tells her when ending their phone calls (via the Magnolia blog). This inspiring life change is something we can all enjoy, too!