Why Everyone Is Talking About Johnny Depp's Lawyer Camille Vasquez

With a new survey claiming more Americans are engaged in the Johnny Depp trial against his former flame Amber Heard than any other current event affecting our lives — even steeply escalating gas prices! — it's no surprise that every aspect of the case is being dissected and talked about online (via New York Post).

Enter the newest tidbit to fascinate Twitter and beyond — the relationship between the Hollywood star and his lawyer, Camille Vasquez. TMZ is adding fuel to the fire of rumors that the attorney and Depp have engaged in more than just a professional relationship. The outlet claims that when they asked Vasquez if she was dating the actor, although she didn't answer the question directly, her body language intimated the truth.

Nodding and smiling, the California native does not deny dating rumors. To be fair, TMZ states that the lawyer and Depp are not a couple. But as Hollywood Life notes, this hasn't stopped social media users from buzzing about a potential under-the-radar affair.

Fans admire Camille Vasquez's skills in court

Of course, Johnny Depp is a well-known lothario, having dated a who's who of famous women from Jennifer Grey (she said he was inhumanly gorgeous when they were engaged back in the 1980s) to Kate Moss (via Insider). Tragically, the "Edward Scissorhands" star is now being accused of physical, emotional and sexual abuse by his ex, Amber Heard.

It's the star's representation in the riveting case that has Twitter in a tizzy over a new (unconfirmed) romance. To be fair, not only is social media obsessed with the idea that Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez could be dating, but many people are strongly in her corner about how she is coming across in the trial.

"She is smart, quick and takes no BS!" one observer tweeted about Vasquez. One Depp fan called her "an incredible woman," while someone else noted how "prepared" the attorney is and claimed they would want her to represent them.

Other trial hobbyists swear Depp and Vasquez are dating. But, as one Twitter user pointed out, claiming that an accomplished woman is dating her client feels rather sexist.