The Truth Behind Brock Kelly's Return To Days Of Our Lives

Brock Kelly is an actor who has been called several different names on "Days of Our Lives" over the years. He first appeared on the show in 2005 for a short run as a barista named Josh. Kelly then went on to pursue more mainstream roles and has appeared on shows such as "The O.C.," "Supernatural," and "Ravenswood," and in the movie "Pitch Perfect."

In 2019 Kelly returned to "DOOL" in a more substantial role as Evan Frears, who is really Christian Maddox, the first bisexual character in the show's history and the son of career criminal Orpheus (George DelHoyo) according to DailySoapDish.

At the end of 2019 "DOOL" employed a tactic that was never before seen on daytime TV — they jumped ahead one year in time. Jennifer Horton (Cady McClain) woke up from a coma to find that she had been asleep for a year. She, along with viewers, were thrust into a brand new Salem in which couples had broken up, other relationships had formed, babies were born, and others were killed.

Brock Kelly first appeared as Evan Frears after the time jump and slowly the truth about his identity and what he had done in that missing year was revealed.

Nanny Evan Frears was really killer Christian Maddox

Evan Frears originally came to Salem to work as a nanny for Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering), who was taking care of little David Ridgeway after the boy's mother (and Rafe's ex) Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Stause) was murdered. Little did he know his new nanny was living under an alias and Evan's real identity was Christian Maddox — David's biological father and the person who murdered Jordan.

Meanwhile, Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) was working tirelessly to prove that her husband and reformed serial killer Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) was not responsible for the death of his half-sister Jordan, though he was imprisoned for the crime (via Soaps in Depth). Through her investigation she discovered that DNA found on Jordan's body belonged to the father of her child which proved Ben was innocent. At the same time, Rafe had discovered Evan's real identity through a background check and when all the pieces were put together Evan was forced to admit that he murdered Jordan after confronting her about keeping their child a secret from him.

Evan also confessed that his father Orpheus was complicit in his crimes and the two were both imprisoned. Evan's sister Zoey Burge (Kelly Thiebaud, Alyshia Ochse) was given custody of her nephew David. Months later, Orpheus broke out of prison, kidnapped the little boy, and got Evan released from Bayview Sanitarium, where he was placed after attempting suicide. Having been slightly reformed, Evan wanted no part of the scheme and knocked his father out and fled without taking his son with him.

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Evan seeks revenge against the couple that took him down

Evan made a surprise reappearance in February 2021 on a mission to get revenge against Ciara and Ben. Ciara was being held captive by Rhodes (Jason Downs) on the orders of Vincent Belman (Michael Teh). Evan was able to track down where Ciara was being held, killed Rhodes, and then took over as captor (via Soaps in Depth). Rather than attempt to get ransom from Ciara's family as his father Orpheus suggested, Evan planned to kill both Ciara and Ben.

Evan then went in search of Ben, but instead found Claire Brady (Isabel Durant). Before he could kill Claire to tie up loose ends, Ben and Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) showed up and were able to subdue him (via Soap Central). Ben forced Evan to take him to Ciara at gunpoint, but when they arrived they found that Ciara had blown up the inside of her glass cage in an attempt to escape. Ben dug Ciara out of the rubble and found her still alive.

While Ben was distracted Evan was able to retrieve a weapon and once again threatened to kill the couple. However, before he was able to pull the trigger a piece of the ceiling fell down and knocked him out. All three survived the ordeal and Evan was said to have been brought back into custody off-screen.

Evan Frears makes a deal with the Devil

Evan returned to "DOOL" once again in early 2022 to quite literally make a deal with the devil. The Devil, who was possessing Allie Horton's (Lindsay Arnold) offers to get Evan out of prison if he will help with a secret mission regarding Ben and Ciara (via Soaps).

It turns out that AllieDevil, as she's called, wants to get her hands on Ben and Ciara's unborn baby. AllieDevil and Evan are able to convince Ciara that Ben is dead and while she's unsuspecting and grief-stricken AllieDevil takes her to a remote cabin where she goes into labor (via SoapHub). After Ciara gives birth to a little boy, AllieDevil takes off with the baby and an alive-and-well Ben eventually finds Ciara and brings her to the hospital.

Later, AllieDevil confesses to Evan that her plan is to possess the little boy's body because his soul is too new to fight back, unlike the others before him (via Soaps). This is her chance for an "earthly do-over," and she instructs Evan to kill Ciara and Ben.

Evan's plans to kill the couple go awry a second time when tries to attack them at the hospital and Ciara knocks him over the head, and like deja vu, the police come to take Evan away. Fortunately, Ben and Ciara are able to find AllieDevil and with the help of the spirit of Ciara's late father Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), they are able to save their son (via SoapHub).

Evan is safely back in his prison cell for now, but who knows if he'll find a way out again. He's certainly done it before.