If You're An Enneagram 2, Here Is The Self-Help Book You Should Read

The new personality test in town, the Enneagram test, is becoming almost as popular as the Myers-Briggs, or MBTI, test. Instead of four letters, the Enneagram test determines what type you are using numbers 1 through 9. Each type can overlap, but the main idea is to find the Enneagram that feels the most authentically close to yourself. As the Enneagram Institute states, the Enneagram number you associate with is your core personality type. 

With that in mind, you can start to figure out your Enneagram type. You can also pay to take the official test if you want verified results, or just do a little bit of research yourself to see what you identify with. The main thing to remember is that the Enneagram model revolves around having a set of ruling "behaviors, motivations, and fears" (via Very Well Mind,) so don't think too deeply when answering. 

Your type doesn't have to define you, but it could help you understand why you think and act the way that you do.

Type Twos are loving and caring souls

Enneagram Type Twos are known as "The Givers" (via The Narrative Enneagram). Since their core motivation is to always feel loved and cared for, they give out love through their everyday actions and words in order to receive it back (via Truity). Since they value loving relationships, a Type Two's greatest fear is being alone. In order to cope with that fear, a Type Two may be someone who often checks in with their friends to not only make sure they're in their loved ones' lives but to also make sure they're okay at all times. 

Although their main goal is love, sometimes Type Twos can come across as exploitative due to their philosophy of "I deserve love because I am loving" (via Integrative 9). Their obsessive need for validation and love can sometimes lead to one-sided relationships, though ultimately an Enneagram Type Two's compatibility shows they can be some of the best partners due to their naturally empathetic nature and inbuilt urge to help. If you're a Type Two, you should be careful that you're not being taken advantage of or changing yourself to gain the approval of others. As said via The Enneagram at Work, although love from others may feel good, it isn't a replacement for loving yourself. 

Type Twos should lean towards books with encouraging messages about love

Whether you're an avid reader or not, a self-help book can provide an outlook on life you hadn't previously considered. Certain books will give you a new perspective and help you come to terms with both your flaws and best traits, and we've tailored some especially for Type Twos. 

"The Self-Love Experiment" by Shannon Kaiser focuses on how to start loving yourself instead of relying on others for love. As summarized in Parade, Type Twos "aren't always aware that they are offering love because they are in pursuit of feeling loved themselves." Simply put, Type Twos must learn how to offer love from the source they already have, rather than draining themselves.

As well as the above book, Enneagram Type Twos may also enjoy reading "The Body Is Not An Apology" by Sonya Renee Taylor. This powerful book focuses on how loving yourself can help you start to mend from the harmful expectations of society (via Book Riot). Its essence is focused on the idea that accepting yourself fully is a necessary part of life — perfect for underappreciated Type Twos. Or, for something that feels like a warm hug, Katherine May's "Wintering" is all about accepting sadness and finding pleasure in the twists and turns of life (via Shortgrass Library System).