If You're An Enneagram 4, This Is The Number You're Most Compatible With

The Enneagram — like many other personality tests — is currently all the rage online. From Instagram meme accounts devoted specifically to poking fun at all the enneagram numbers, to TikToks made with relatable stories about being a certain number, you can find enneagram-related content pretty much anywhere. Once you've taken the test, there are plenty of ways to learn more about your number and the ways in which it might affect your life and inform your decisions.

For enneagram type fours, there are some unique attributes to understand about their type. According to a survey done by Truity of over 54,000 people, 11% of the population was found to be type four. Considering that enneagram type fours are called "The Individualist," this smaller number makes some sense. A typical type four is characterized by their innate desire to be seen as "different", or cultivate their own individual personality and significance (via The Enneagram Institute). This makes them an interesting match for two other enneagram types with compatible traits.

Fours tend to keep their head in the clouds

In any healthy and happy relationship, balance is key. Because of their proclivity to daydreaming and existing primarily in the inner world of their emotions, enneagram type fours sometimes need a partner who can bring them back down to earth. Per Mindbodygreen, solid and sure type fives ("The Investigator") make a great match for the introspective and sometimes "turbulent" type fours. If the fours are a ship on rough waters, fives can act as the anchor to keep the fours secure.

According to The Enneagram Institute, Type fours might also benefit from a five's willingness to get deep and intense when it comes to talking about their emotions. This is a similarity both types have, while the fives still offer a unique perspective in their role as "The Investigator." Inquisitive and intelligent, fives love to ask questions and get into stimulating conversations, in the same way that type fours love to explore talking about the way that thoughts and feelings affect people (per The Enneagram Institute).

Fours mesh passionately with another type

In a different sense, fours have another powerful compatibility with a separate type. As "The Peacemaker," type nines love without reserve or judgment, which makes the more sensitive type fours feel safe (per Mindbodygreen). With their love for creativity and emotions, type fours bring a sense of passion and excitement to their partnership with a type nine, which makes them just as exciting of a pair as they are comfortable. They each have a unique and intense need for privacy, which gives each of them the space to feel secure and truly themselves, all while maintaining an intense connection with the other, according to The Enneagram Institute.

With the open-minded and accepting nature of type nines, fours in this relationship have the ability to feel unconditionally loved and able to be who they really are with their partners — allowing this partnership to feel "thoughtful and relaxed" (via Truity). In turn, fours can encourage nines to open up and express themselves more, creating that sense of passion and excitement between the two, both in their intimate and emotional lives (per The Enneagram Institute).