Celebs Who Debuted Bold New Looks In 2017

Celebrities are style chameleons, often changing their looks for roles (or in between them). Still, the rate at which Hollywood has been switching things up so far this year feels practically unprecedented. From bold buzz cuts to hot hair hues, the stars turned 2017 into a year of transformation. Here, you can check out some of the most memorable celebrity metamorphoses to date. In full disclosure, though, these chic-shifters may give you a serious case of makeover envy. 

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne doesn't shy away from shaking up her look when things get stale. In fact, the Famous in Love star changes her style up so often that it can be downright dizzying to keep up with. Her latest makeover? Ditching her strawberry blonde hair for a more vibrant red hue laced with hot pink streaks. Thorne shared the decision to do something different on social media, hinting, "Yo I'm dying my hair and it's going to take me 3 days....guess what I'm doing." True to her word, Thorne emerged several days later with bright new hair and glitter brows to match


Zendaya experienced an epiphany this year that led to a major change of heart... and hair. Although the young star spent much of 2016 rocking a straight, blonde neo-mullet style, the star committed to wearing her hair naturally more often in 2017. "When you've spent the past however many years growing your damaged hair back, avoiding heat, wearing wigs and trying every natural product in the world and you finally see a little curl pattern comin back," she gushed on Instagram.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine couldn't let the ladies of Hollywood have all the buzz cut fun. The Wonder Woman star showed up on the red carpet earlier this year with a shaved head, surprising, well, everyone. Not that it looks bad, because — let's be real — Pine could make any cut look killer. Still, it isn't the style Pine's adoring fans have come to expect from the actor. While the most logical conclusion to draw is that Pine cut his hair for a role, he dispelled that notion when he confessed the truth. 

"I went through phases. So I had long hair and a beard. And first I did a facial hair thing. That was fun. I did the mustache. I did a little General Sherman. Then I did a full-shaved back (of the head). That was fun for a day," he told USA Today of the way he whiled away the time during an extended illness. "Then I got a fade. Then I started doing designs. And then I got real bored. I went full chop."

Emma Roberts

Always adventurous about experimenting with her hair, Emma Roberts bid adieu to her long, dark, wavy tresses this year in favor of a choppy blonde bob. It isn't the first time, either — Roberts has sported this style before. So, as dramatic as the shift from her previous style seems, this departure probably felt a lot like coming home. To make the change possible without totally over-processing her hair, Roberts turned to NYC's Nine Zero One Salon. 

"A blonde at heart can only be dark for so long. It was time for Emma to clear out old energy and that's what we did," co-owners Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri told Us Weekly. "Emma was #CayenneSpice red earlier this year and then #SmokyQuartz brown. She did it, she rocked it, and it was time to bring her back to her signature blonde. With the help of Olaplex we were able to achieve this color change in just a few hours, keeping Emma's hair healthy and extension free. Then Riawna chopped a good 4 inches off her natural hair and created a textured chin length bob. This gave Emma the edge and freedom she's been missing."

Vanessa Hudgens

When it comes to boho flowy waves, few people pull off the style better than Vanessa Hudgens. But, hey, there's much to be said for switching things up every now and then, which is precisely what Hudgens did when she debuted a brand new shorter 'do. Revealing the cut on Instagram, Hudgens playfully captioned the photo, "Oh she short." She also thanked her stylist, Nine Zero One Salon's Nikki Lee for giving her the chic style. For her part, Lee explained that Hudgens simply wanted a change of pace. "She wanted something fresh and fun for the Billboard Awards! Nothing better than blunt texture to make you feel chic and sassy!" Lee said. 

Karlie Kloss

Paris inspires many things: love, art, fashion. So why shouldn't it also inspire hair? The City of Light seems to have been supermodel Karlie Kloss' hair color muse, because she took her signature sandy shade all the way up to a light and bright platinum hue while visiting. According to Kloss' hairstylist, Christina Cessna, the supermodel knew exactly what she wanted when she walked through the door. "She came in dead-set on platinum!" Cessna shared with Us Weekly

The process proved time-consuming, though, eating up around three hours of Kloss' day. "Her color had previously been lifted a little and her ends had been balayaged [a hand-painting technique], and we had to get all the color out," said Cessna. Ultimately, they achieved platinum success through a combination of bleach and a fortifying oil known as Olaplex. 

Sanaa Lathan

Add another buzz cut to the bunch, because Shots Fired star Sanaa Lathan cut her long curls off and went just about as close to the scalp as one can. In a reveal video on Instagram, Lathan said, "It's all off. I feel so light I could fly away." She captioned the video with the hashtag #NappilyEverAfter, indicating she shaved her head for her part in the new movie. 

Lathan's stylist, Larry Sims, also posted a video to offer fans a sneak peek. "I can't wait for you guys to see what we are creating. We are creating some black girl hair magic on this film," he said. "It's gonna be really good, and the message is really amazing. It's near and dear to my heart, and I know women around the world will be able to relate to Violet, aka Sanaa Lathan in Nappily Ever After." 

Nina Dobrev

Sometimes, a girl's just gotta put the last year behind her and embrace a new beginning. Case in point? The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, who started the year by saying goodbye to her blood-sucking series and her signature long locks. "Short hair. Don't care. New Year. New Do," Dobrev captioned her reveal pic on Instagram. She also tagged her stylist (and apparently the stylist for all of young Hollywood), Nine Zero One Salon's Riawna Capri. Of the cut, Capri dubbed the look, "Freshly chopped."

Kate Hudson

In March, Kate Hudson cut off her trademark blonde tresses into a lob, prompting the good people of the internet to have no chill. However, Hudson explained to InStyle that the cut coordinated with an upcoming role. "In May, I start shooting the Richard Pryor project. I'm supposed to have short hair, and I wanted to get used to it. So I thought, 'I'm just going to chop it all off so that I have a couple months to sort of get used to it and see how I feel. Then we'll see what else is going to happen," she shared. Then, in May, Hudson posted a photo of herself sitting in a salon, teasing, "First day on set of new film and they're going to town on my hair. Ah!!!!" 

That wasn't the only bombshell Hudson had in store, though. In July, she shared a picture from the set of her new movie — a picture that marked the premiere of Hudson's new natural-hued buzz cut. "Freedom! Compliments of [Sia]. #OurBeautifulDirector." 

Kristen Stewart

Sure, Kristen Stewart changes up her look every so often. But it's no big surprise that when her fans think of her, they typically imagine the girl with long, dark hair from the Twilight series. But in Stewart's case, less is clearly more. 

Appearing on the Today show, the Personal Shopper star explained that — although it was her director who asked her to make the cut — she couldn't have been more pleased to oblige. "I'm doing a movie in a couple of weeks called Underwater," she said, "and I play a mechanical engineer that's working in an oil rig that's on the bottom of the ocean floor. So for me, it was like, 'It's practical.' I was like, 'I'm not gonna be able to have touch-ups once I get the helmet on, so I have to shave my head.'" When asked how she likes the style, Stewart replied, "Oh my god, it feels amazing."

Selena Gomez

It's been a rough go of things lately for Selena Gomez, with her most recent setback being a kidney transplant. Fortunately, the year hasn't been a total wash. In addition to tons of quality time with her devoted boyfriend, The Weeknd, Gomez scored a pretty new 'do. The singer decided to shorten her super-sleek long hair, opting instead for a short, textured bob. A breezy new cut could be just what the doctor ordered, right? To achieve her low-key look, the pop star enlisted the help of hairstylists at NYC's popular Nine Zero One Salon

Katy Perry

You can't really put anything past Katy Perry, and that includes a platinum pixie cut. By far Perry's shortest haircut to date, the pixie followed fast on the heels of another new and exciting style for Perry: the classic undercut, where hair is shaved underneath and left long on top. Upon revealing the distinctive look on Instagram, the pop superstar explained, "I WASN'T READY TILL NOW." But that wasn't exactly the whole story. 

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Perry joked with the hilarious host that she'd asked her hairstylist to give her "the Ellen." When DeGeneres pointed out that Perry's cut was beyond her own style, Perry confessed that it was born out of necessity. "I don't know if you've ever dyed your hair blonde and too blonde, sometimes your hair falls out when you go too blonde. So, that's the way I handled it. This is the destination that I showed up to," Perry said. 

Sarah Hyland

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland rocked "bronde" (blonde + brown) waves for the better part of the year before deciding in August that her hair needed to be ready for fall. And when fall rolls around, cozy colors and textures abound — which is where Hyland's new hair cut and color come into play. With her hair now nicely grown out, the star took advantage of her long locks and had them dyed a fall-centric hue. According to her hairstylist, Nine Zero One's Nikki Lee, the color is called "Cinnamon Chocolate."

If you wish you had hair just like Hyland's, don't despair. Her stylist shared the precise formula for Hyland's hair color via Instagram. "First, I filled her previous blonde hair with Shades EQ 8C + 9AA equal parts for 15 mins. Then I applied @LorealPro Inoa 5.5 (20z) + 5N (.75 oz) with 10 vol level at her base. I pulled through her ends @LorealPro Dia Richesse 5.5 (1oz) + 5N (.50oz) with 9 vol and @olaplex for extra strength and shine! Everything processed for 30 minutes." Alright, then! Definitely seems like showing this complex algorithm to your stylist would be the move.

Kim Kardashian West

It isn't just stars with short hair who have fallen in love with platinum tresses. Keeping her length, Kim Kardashian debuted silvery locks just ahead of Fashion Week. It's hard not to draw comparisons with the now-iconic Khaleesi character on Game of Thrones, Daenyrs Targaryen (no word yet on whether this 'do comes with tiny dragons to tame). But while GoT's Emilia Clarke must rely on the help of wigs, Kardashian could play the mother of dragons with the hair on her own head

It's a decision Kardashian explains was a long time coming. "I've been talking about going blonde again for a long time, and I'm so happy I did!" she wrote in a post on her website (via People). 'I know a lot of people initially thought I was wearing a wig, but it's my real hair. My amazing stylist, Chris Appleton, dyed my hair and got it to the most perfect platinum, silvery white color."

Lena Dunham

Always one to promote a good cause, Girls' creator and star Lena Dunham decided to cut her hair this summer in the hopes she might be able to pass the excess along to Locks of Love. Although she didn't quite have enough length to make the donation herself, she urged fans to consider doing the same if they ever hit the 10-inches mark required for donation. Since chopping off her shoulder-length caramel-colored hair, Dunham confidently shows off her considerably darker, close-cropped pixie cut

Zoe Kravitz

If you ever need proof that one person can pull off any hairstyle and still look bae, please refer to Big Little Lies' star Zoe Kravitz. In a two-part Insta post, Kravitz shared the start of her short-hair journey by posting a picture of her trademark dreads piled on the floor. In the next photo, Kravitz strikes a pose with her now super-short pixie cut

But like Katy Perry, Kravitz didn't cut her hair purely for aesthetics. Rather, her previous hair choices made a drastic change necessary. "It's rough on your hair. I've had full braids fall out," Kravitz confessed to Allure. "And it's just part of it. I think I'll just kind of figure out something short after. I think you have to accept the fact that you're losing your hair.... I think I'm gonna have to do a buzz cut or something. I've accepted it."

Cara Delevingne

The platinum buzz is a cut that keeps getting more traction, and Cara Delevingne helped kick off the increasingly popular trend. For the model-actress, lopping off her blonde bob was primarily motivated by her role in the new movie Life in a Year — in which Delevigne plays a young woman who is terminally ill. "When I did it for the part, I really wanted to be as dedicated and as authentic as I could be to the character," she told USA Today

Delevingne also revealed that her dramatically shorter 'do makes her feel empowered, saying, "I feel like I definitely was more aware that you could pretty much hide behind your hair, but it was really liberating to realize that you don't need hair to be beautiful and to feel like a woman." 

Change is good

Feeling inspired yet? Celebrities are embracing change in 2017, and the results are living proof that change can be good. So if you've been trying to work up the courage to commit to that cute pixie cut or are considering a bold new hue, take a cue from these style-savvy stars and go for it.