If You're An Enneagram 3, This Is The Cocktail You Must Try

The Enneagram is a personality test, similar to the Myers-Briggs Test, and it has taken people by storm both on and off the clock. With your Enneagram number as your guide, you can seek plenty of advice ranging from self-help book recommendations and how to manage your strengths and weaknesses, to which number you're most compatible with. If you're looking for a new drink of choice to spice up your evenings out, your Enneagram number might be the next place to look for inspiration.

If you happen to be an Enneagram Three, you're likely the type of person who craves a tasty, relaxing cocktail after a hard day of work. That's because Threes, more than any other Enneagram type, are "success-oriented" and will work hard to prove their worth (per the Enneagram Institute). Also known as The Achiever, Type Threes are prone to "workaholic" behavior and often have a competitive edge. Bearing all that in mind, learning how to relax and take a break after a long day of proving yourself is a priority. Whether it's with coworkers at an after-work happy hour or during a night out with friends, it's time to pour one out for the Type Threes.

More than just a regular martini

Enneagram Type Threes are strong and full of life, just like martinis. Martinis are a classic vermouth drink and are either paired with vodka or gin. Martinis are a staple for any cocktail hour but don't think that they're just limited to straight alcohol and an olive garnish. That's what they have in common with Enneagram Type Threes: They're adaptable and sure to grab the attention of everyone around them (per the Enneagram Institute). 

There are many ways to take your martini to the next level, according to Delish. For a "dry" martini, you'll be drinking less vermouth and adding more vodka or gin. A "dirty" martini is for the olive lovers and includes a pour of olive juice in addition to the standard ingredients. There's the classic martini you've probably seen in movies, but tons of variations of this cocktail can be created by even an amateur mixologist, including espresso martinis, appletinis, or a delicious rum-based bikini martini.