Who Are The Fathers Of Alexis Davis' Three Daughters On General Hospital?

When Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) first arrived in Port Charles and on the "General Hospital" scene in 1996, we knew her as a tough attorney with no children to speak of. An independent woman, Alexis did her best to break free of her domineering, dark, and criminal family, the Cassadines, even going so far as changing her entire name from Natasha Davidovitch Cassadine to Alexis Davis (via Soap Central). However, over the years, Alexis became a proud mom of three girls and was already a mom when she moved to PC, but that was a secret that didn't come out for several years.

In 2022, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), Kristina Corinthos Davis (Lexi Ainsworth), Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos), and their mom, Alexis, are known as "The Davis Girls" to the "GH" fandom (via Soaps In Depth), but who fathered these three modern, intellectual, neurotic yet independent women?

Sonny Corinthos fathered Alexis' daughter Kristina

It was a brief affair but definitely a memorable one when an attorney and a mob boss client got together. That fling resulted in Kristina Corinthos Davis, a little girl whose paternity Alexis Davis tried to hide because she feared Sonny Corinthos' (Maurice Benard) dangerous lifestyle would affect her baby. Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) staked his claim as Kristina's dad, but the truth eventually came out and Alexis and Sonny raised Kristina as co-parents, frenemies, and then friends again (via Soap Central).

Kristina was definitely affected by her father's business as she starred in her own reality series as a mafia princess when she was in her teens. However, when then-college student Kristina came out to her parents, it was Sonny who accepted his daughter's sexuality easier than Alexis. In 2022, Kristina is a bartender at Charlie's Pub after surviving time in a cult (via Soaps In Depth), but she is rarely seen on screen, which is a disappointment to many fans.

Julian Jerome fathered Alexis' daughter Sam

When Kristina Corinthos Davis was a baby, she was diagnosed with leukemia and Alexis Davis was forced to admit Sonny Corinthos was Kristina's real father. When nobody on Alexis' side of the family or Sonny's side proved to be a match for Kristina, Alexis begged a pregnant Sam McCall to use the stem cells from her baby's umbilical cord as she was carrying Sonny's child and Kristina's half-sibling (via Soap Central).

While Sam's daughter was stillborn, her stem cells saved Kristina so Sam hated Alexis — blaming her for her baby dying. Imagine Sam's surprise when she later learned she was adopted and the search for her adoptive mother led her straight to Alexis. While Alexis and Sam remained enemies for a time, they eventually grew close and Sam learned her father was a man Alexis had a one-night stand with while still a teen. Her father, Mikkos Cassadine, forced her to give her baby up for adoption. Years later, Sam's baby son, Danny Morgan, also needed a bone marrow transplant and a mysterious man named Derek Wells was a match. It was soon revealed that Derek Wells was really Julian Jerome (William deVry), the young man Alexis slept with as a teen and Sam's dad (via Soap Central).

Ric Lansing fathered Alexis' daughter Molly

Alexis Davis likes to keep it in the family as she married Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), half-brother to Sonny Corinthos. Ric and Alexis seemed to have had a decent relationship for a time. They were also thrilled to welcome a daughter they named Molly. However, when Jason Morgan dumped Sam McCall and Sam grew weary of Alexis meddling in her life, she seduced Ric and the two had a steamy affair (via Soap Central). That put an end to Ric and Alexis' marriage, but they did co-parent Molly.

Young Molly Lansing Davis grew up to be a sensitive, tough, and intelligent young woman who decided she would never marry. However, she did have a commitment ceremony with TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) in 2021, her boyfriend since high school who just became a doctor. The most sensible of the Davis Girls, Molly is now an attorney who helped get her mother out of a maximum-security prison as one of her first assignments (via Soaps In Depth).