What Ever Happened To Avery On The Young And The Restless?

Actress Jessica Collins debuted the character Avery Clark on "The Young and the Restless" in 2011, where she would remain for the next four years. Jessica first started her soap career in 1991 as Dinah Lee Mayberry on "Loving," during which the character also appeared on "All My Children." She then went on to star in a plethora of TV shows and films for the next 15 years, before returning to her soap opera roots when she joined the cast of "Y&R."

Avery Clark, a talented defense attorney, first came to town at the behest of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), according to Soaps. She was hired to represent Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) who was being accused of killing Skye Lockhart (Laura Stone). Soon after her arrival, it was revealed that she was the long-lost younger sister of Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). The two women began to rebuild their relationship and Avery quickly settled down in Genoa City.

Avery Clark stole her sister's husband, Nick Newman

Not long after Avery popped up on the scene, she began an affair with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), who was her sister Phyllis Summers' ex-husband and current lover — not to mention, the father of her niece, Summer Newman (then Samantha Bailey), per Soap Central. This caused more strife between the sisters, as Nick continued to go back and forth between the two women. Eventually, Avery and Phyllis managed to reconcile after the death of their father and Nick and Avery were able to start fresh.

However, Nick's other ex, Sharon Newman, was still hung up on him and vowed to do everything in her power to keep Avery away from the man she loved. She even manipulated their young daughter, Faith, into expressing disdain for Avery. Eventually, Nick and Avery were engaged, and on the day of their wedding, Sharon planned to interrupt the ceremony. However, that ultimately wasn't necessary. On her way to the wedding, Avery's ex-boyfriend, Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton), came to her, distraught over the news that his brother Adam Newman (then Michael Muhney) had fathered a son with his wife, Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) (via Soaps). Choosing to stay and support him, Avery ended up being late to her own wedding. Nick felt that she still had feelings for Dylan and ended their relationship.

Dylan McAvoy and Joe Clark fought over Avery

Avery Clark and Dylan McAvoy rekindled their old romance and details of their past came to the surface. Years previously, Avery had been married to a businessman named Joe Clark (Scott Elrod), but they were later divorced after she had an affair with Dylan, according to Soap Central. Soon after her reconciliation with Dylan, Joe came to Genoa City on business and expressed his desire to be with Avery again. She told him that her heart belonged to Dylan but Joe decided to stay in town anyway. Dylan and Joe got in several physical altercations over the next few months, fighting for the attention of the woman they both loved.

Dylan and Avery became engaged and Joe reluctantly agreed to leave the couple alone. Before the two were married, there was a building collapse in which Avery and Joe were trapped together (via Michael Fairman TV). After they were rescued, it appeared Avery might still be harboring feelings for her ex-husband. Not long after, Avery was presented with an award at a charity function and when Joe tried to kiss her, she pushed him away and he tumbled over the side of a balcony. A guilt-ridden Avery committed to seeing Joe through rehab out of town after he was paralyzed from the accident. When she returned, it was clear that Dylan was still interested in his ex, Sharon, and the two ended their relationship for good.

Avery was attacked and decided to leave town

Later, Joe Clark returned to Genoa City to stay with Avery because her home was wheelchair-accessible. Unbeknownst to her, Joe had regained his ability to walk and was hiding his progress so he could stay close to her. When the truth was revealed, Avery was livid and Joe threatened to tell the police that she had tried to kill him by pushing him off the balcony if she didn't agree to sleep with him (via Soaps). Undeterred by his threat, Avery immediately kicked him out of her place and her life.

Things remained tense between Joe and Avery and she ultimately filed a restraining order against him. Eventually, she asked Joe to meet her in the park so they could settle things for good, but they argued instead and Joe grabbed her. They parted ways, but just after this altercation, Avery was viciously attacked and sexually assaulted, according to Soap Central. Avery was convinced that Joe was the culprit, and after she recovered from her injuries, she stole Dylan's gun and went after her ex. Joe maintained his innocence in Avery's attack though he admitted to the other ways in which he had tried to manipulate her. Eventually, the identity of Avery's assailant was revealed and Joe's name was cleared. Ashamed of accusing an innocent man of rape, Avery decided to give up her career as a defense attorney and left town to start fresh, promising her loved ones she would return someday (via Soap Opera News).

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