Inside Chloe And Kevin's Relationship On The Young And The Restless

"Young and the Restless" characters Chloe Mitchell and Kevin Fisher are currently happily married and raising their two children Bella and Miles, but things weren't always this peaceful in their relationship. With tumultuous exes, several broken engagements, a failing business, the death of a child, a stint in a psychiatric hospital, and a life on the run, these two have been through more than their fair share of turmoil to get to the place they are today.

Chloe, born as Kate Valentine on-screen in 1990, returned to Genoa City after boarding school as Chloe Mitchell — resident vixen and all-around bad girl. Elizabeth Hendrickson brought life to this polarizing character, earning five Daytime Emmy nominations for her work. Actor Greg Rikaart also earned six nominations and one win for his portrayal of Kevin Fisher, who was first introduced to viewers in 2003 as an internet predator who used his impressive technical skills to wreak havoc on others.

The two first became friendly in 2010 when Chloe was seeking a new place to live with her young daughter Delia after separating from boyfriend Chance Chancellor (John Driscoll). Kevin had recently divorced his wife Jana Hawkes (Emily O'Brien) and offered up his spare room (via Soap Central). It wasn't long after that that the two began their own romance. Despite some early roadblocks, Chloe and Kevin managed to stick together: He supported her through grief when Chance died and she stuck by him when his ex Jana faked amnesia to stay close to him. But those were just the beginning of their troubles.

Delia gets sick and Chloe is left at the altar

In 2011 Chloe's young daughter Delia was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her father Billy Abbott (then played by Billy Miller) turned out to be a bone marrow match, but was being kept in hiding by Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) at the time (via Soap Central). Billy and Victor convinced Kevin to pretend he was the donor, which led to extreme gratitude from Chloe and extreme guilt from Kevin. After Delia went into remission Kevin revealed the truth to Chloe, and though she was upset, they were able to reconcile and became engaged.

On the day of the wedding, Christmas Eve 2011, Kevin was forced out of town with Angelina Veneziano (Diana DeGarmo). Kevin promised mobster Angelo Veneziano (Mike Star) that he would keep his daughter Angelina away from her dangerous ex Carmine Basco (Marco Dapper) in exchange for the deed to his and Chloe's dream home (via Soaps In Depth). Unfortunately, an enraged Carmine tracked them down and, in the midst of a shootout, Angelina convinced Kevin he had to run away with her in order to protect Chloe from Carmine.

While on the run, Angelina admitted to Kevin that she faked the whole situation in order to spend time with him, but it was too late — he and Angelina were forced to get married so he wouldn't be killed by Angelo's men. When they returned to Genoa City, Angelina annulled their marriage, and she and Kevin's friend Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) worked together to reunite Chloe and Kevin. After Chloe learned the truth about what happened, she took Kevin back and the two finally married in March 2012.

A failed business and a life of crime

The now-married couple began an online business together called TagNGrab, but quickly found themselves underwater, when their business partner Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) sold his shares to Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols), according to Soaps. Kevin and Chloe discovered that the police were on the hunt for a missing $500K and in an attempt to fix their financial problems they tracked down the dirty money and took it for themselves. However, the money was soon stolen away from them by Adriana Stone (Johanna Flores) and they were forced to look for another option.

Kevin's next move was to steal expensive jewelry from Chloe's godmother, the wealthy Kay Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), which was supposed to be donated to charity (via Soap Central). When Chloe found out about the theft she decided that they had taken things too far. She let Kevin know that she had become bored and discontent with their marriage and their life together, and when she realized that he had continued to steal after she confronted him, the two separated.

Delia dies and Chloe becomes unstable

Shortly after Chloe and Kevin had decided to work on their marriage, in late 2013, 7-year-old Delia was struck by a car and killed. Chloe was devastated and though Kevin did his best to support her, she became increasingly unstable. Things came to a head when she kidnapped little Connor Newman, the son of her friend Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Egan), in an attempt to replace Delia (via Daily Soap Dish).

Kevin was able to track down Chloe and convinced her to return Conner. By this time, Kevin and Chloe divorced, but they quickly agreed to remarry so that Chloe could receive outpatient psychiatric treatment, instead of going to jail for her crimes (via Soap Central). Kevin wanted it to be a real marriage, but Chloe felt it was just for show. She made the decision to leave Genoa City in favor of a psychiatric facility in California. Later, Chloe sent Kevin divorce papers in the mail.

On the anniversary of Delia's death, Kevin runs into Chloe at the site of the accident that killed her daughter. She explains she's received a 24-hour day pass from the facility so she could visit Genoa City. Unbeknownst to Kevin, viewers realize Chloe is pregnant and the father could be Kevin or Billy Abbott. Chloe returned once more on the second anniversary of Delia's death, after Adam Newman was revealed to be the driver behind Delia's hit-and-run. Chloe tried to kill him twice, once by running him over and once by shooting him, but her plans were foiled and she left town again.

Chloe returns to do Victor Newman's bidding

Chloe returned to California and wasn't seen again for another year. This time, she returned to Genoa City in secret. Victor Newman convinced her to help him with various schemes, in exchange for him having her baby daughter Bella taken care of while she was institutionalized (via Soap Central). Chloe decided to publicly re-emerge in Genoa City and introduced Bella to the world. Though Chloe told Kevin that Bella wasn't his daughter, the two find themselves drawn together and their romance heated back up. They moved in together with Bella and got engaged again.

A year later, Victor begins to suspect Chloe was responsible for the explosion that killed Adam and he kidnaps her in retaliation. While she's being held captive, Kevin discovers through a DNA test that he is in fact Bella's biological father (via SoapHub). He manages to locate Chloe, but Victor was able to make it appear that she was dead, devastating her loved ones. Soon after, Chloe made contact with Kevin and revealed that she was alive. Kevin left Bella with her grandmother Esther Valentine (Kate Linder) and went off to rescue Chloe from one of Victor's minions.

Chloe and Kevin settle into family life

When Adam Newman reappeared alive-and-well, Chloe was no longer in danger of being arrested for his murder, and she and Kevin were able to come out of hiding. Chloe even managed to stop Billy from attempting to kill Adam (again) and helped him seek treatment for his mental health issues (via Soap Central). Chloe and Adam were able to finally make peace, though she still disapproved of his relationship with her friend Chelsea.

In late 2019 Chloe, Kevin, and little Bella informed their loved ones that their family was expanding and that Chloe was pregnant (via SoapDirt). After a difficult pregnancy, their son Miles was born healthy on October 5, 2020, and Chloe and Kevin finally settled down into a normal life. Chloe and Chelsea worked together to found a clothing line called Bella Milconno, named after their children, according to SoapHub. As of this writing, things seem to be going smoothly for Chloe, Kevin, and their family, but we'll see how long that lasts.