How To Keep Swimsuit Fabric From Sagging When It Gets Wet

The weather is warming up, and soon enough, summer will be in full swing. It's the time of year for breaking out the swimsuits that haven't seen the light of day since last season. However, even the best-selling swimsuits from retailers like SHEIN have a lifespan that can be annoyingly short despite proper care and upkeep. While bathing suits weren't made to last forever, there are some ways to keep yours fitting the way you want it to regardless of how long you've owned it. 

One of the most common swimsuit disasters is the ever-sagging fabric on your backside that makes your once super hot swimwear look more like a diaper when it gets wet. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to making the most of your swimsuit. From preventing sagging bottoms in the first place, to sewing in a few amateur stitches to achieve a better fit, you can keep your swimsuits fitting perfectly for countless summers to come.

How to avoid sagging bottoms in the first place

From the get-go, be sure that you're buying the correct size bathing suit if you want to avoid a sagging bottom. This may seem like common sense, but the elastic fabric of swimsuits continuously stretches over time. One common mistake that causes people to buy ill-fitting bottoms in the first place is getting one-size bikini sets (per Cosmopolitan). While these one-size sets may seem like a convenient deal, consider your body type before you commit to your purchase. The size that fits best on top may not be the same for your bottoms. Avoid buying bikini sets that don't allow you to mix and match the sizes that work best for your body. 

Once you have your ideal swimsuit, it's important to take care of it accordingly. Always wash your bikini in cold water. Though it might seem like a hassle, it's best to wash your swimsuits by hand in lieu of throwing them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. The harsh tumbles a swimsuit takes on in the wash can make the fabric wear out sooner. And yes, you do need to wash your swimsuit. Saltwater and chlorine should be rinsed out soon after you've gone swimming, according to Vivek Agarwal, who is the founder of swimwear brand Ookiah (per Glamour). If you do put your bathing suit in the washing machine, be sure to use cold water and refrain from adding fabric softener. However, you should never put your bathing suit in the dryer.

Quick fixes for a sagging bathing suit bottom

One short-term solution for keeping your swimsuit from appearing saggy is a tip often practiced by beauty pageant contestants: butt glue. Yes, you read that right. This spray-on adhesive goes by many nicknames in the pageant world, including butt glue, booty glue, and cheek glue (per Glamour). Pageant contestants use this adhesive to ensure they don't get wedgies when strutting across the stage in their swimsuits, but you can use it to help avoid a sagging bathing suit bottom. If you don't mind getting out some scissors and thread, there are plenty of other solutions to a sagging bikini bottom found in simple sewing techniques. 

First, you can make an elastic waistband for your swim bottoms (via What Wear Fit). Along the waistband of your swimsuit, cut a lining to install an elastic band. Cut the elastic band shorter than your waistline to create a tighter fit. Make sure the band isn't too tight — you still want to be comfortable when you're out in the waves! The next easy fix to ill-fitting swimsuit bottoms would be to tie drawstrings around the suit's waist. Just as you would if you were creating an elastic waistband, make a small incision at the waist. Instead of inserting elastic, attach drawstrings that will allow you to knot your swimsuit into a tighter fit.

Resizing your swimsuit

You can also resize your swimsuit to help avoid a saggy swimsuit bottom. To do so, make matching straps to create a cute tie-up effect. Be sure that the fabric you choose matches your original swimsuit for the best results. With simple stitches, sew one piece of fabric to one side of your swimsuit and the other on the opposite side. Then, tie the strands of fabric to tighten your bottoms — you'll even spice up your old bathing suit while you're at it. For those confident in their tailoring skills, cut your swimsuit bottoms and sew different pieces of the fabric back together to create a new silhouette. 

Be sure to take your measurements at least twice, according to What Wear Fit, before cutting up your swimsuit. It's also important to leave a few inches for the fabric to expand. An easier option for resizing your swimsuit is the scrunch method. By creating a ruffle effect, you can save your sagging swimsuit bottoms. If you're looking for the simplest of sewing methods to make your swimsuit bottoms last longer, fold the waistband inward and stitch it in place. Again, don't sew too tight! You want to be comfortable as you soak in the sun all summer long.