What Is A Black Moon And How Does It Affect You?

If you're wondering what a Black Moon is, you're not alone. The problem is, you have to be specific about which kind of Black Moon you're referring to because there are actually quite a few different astrological meanings to the term "Black Moon."

Most of the time, a Black Moon is the second new moon within a calendar month. The moon, Forbes explains, takes about 29.5 days to go around the Earth, which off-sets the synchronicity between the moon's orbit and our Gregorian calendar.

But other celestial events get the name "Black Moon" too, like if there's no new moon during a calendar month or if there are three or more new moons in one astronomical season, per Forbes. Astronomical seasons differ from meteorological seasons because their time is measured between solstices and equinoxes, which fluctuates because of the length of Earth's rotation around the sun, per The National Centers for Environmental Information. Meteorological seasons have a set time span, which makes it easier for tracking weather patterns.

The Black Moon in astrology can also refer to the Black Moon Lilith point in your birth chart. While it isn't something included in apps like Co—Star and CHANI yet, we wouldn't be surprised if this is an aspect of your horoscope included in updates in the near future.

Whether it's the second new moon in a month or the Lilith point, the Black Moon is another aspect of astrology that can have big effects on your life.

What it means when the Black Moon is the second new moon in a month

A Black Moon, when it is the second new moon in a calendar month, is a rare event that can have a big impact on your horoscope. We won't see another one until December 30, 2024, according to Yoga Journal

Some astrologers believe that because a month can be book-ended between new moons, the Black Moon is a powerful time for new beginnings, per Yoga Journal. New moons are already associated with darkness, meditation, and setting intentions. During the extra dark night, Elite Daily recommends making sure you're being extra patient with yourself because the energy during that time has the potential to pull down the walls you've built to keep your desires, strengths, fears, and secrets contained.

While major astrological events, whether it be a new moon or an eclipse, often provide the opportunity for fresh starts, the Black Moon is also a time for releasing: letting go of what hasn't been working for you and laying the groundwork for a better life (via Elite Daily). Black Moons are so rare that, just like with eclipses, Astro-Awakenings explains that what is put into motion often won't come to fruition for years. Patience — with yourself, the universe, results — is ultimately what's going to help you as you navigate this new path in the dark.

So what's a Black Moon Lilith?

When you've researched what a Black Moon is, you've probably come across the term "Black Moon Lilith." If you haven't yet, don't worry! At the time this article is being written, the Black Moon Lilith aspect of your birth chart isn't something that's talked about a ton in popular astrology culture. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look into it — Cafe Astrology that'll tell you where your Lilith point falls. Understanding the Black Moon Lilith aspect of your astrological birth chart can give you even more insight into who you are and even help you prepare for the next new Black Moon.

Lilith, unlike other elements of your birth chart, is actually a point in space instead of a planet or moon. According to Bustle, it is the exact midpoint between the Earth and moon at the time of your birth. Lisa Stardust, an astrologer, told Bustle that the Black Moon Lilith's placement in our birth chart shows us our dark sides, the ones we might be too shy or too self-conscious to admit to. 

Lilith in mythology has been represented by everything from a child-eating demon to the first wife of Adam and has only recently been depicted as a powerful symbol of feminism, per Vice. The Lilith point in your chart should help you feel empowered when you embrace those aspects of yourself you've kept hidden away. 

How the Black Moon and Black Moon Lilith are connected

The short answer is: they're not. The Black Moon and Black Moon Lilith are actually two separate things. The Black Moon is an astrological event, where the Black Moon Lilith is a point in your astrological star chart. So the short answer is that the two aren't related — but it doesn't mean you can't use the energy and magic happening during the Black Moon to help you work with your shadow self.

Since the traits controlled by our Black Moon Lilith point can be uncomfortable to lean into, this can lead to a vicious cycle of repressing those traits too much, for too long, until we get to a point where they completely take over, Cafe Astrology warns. A great time to set the intention to release yourself from the cycle is during the new Black Moon. Just because it feels like we're constantly jumping from crisis to crisis in the headlines doesn't mean we have to in our personal lives.

Under the right conditions, these powerful aspects of ourselves can not only be better understood but also set free from the insecurities and shame that can hold us back. The new Black Moon, Yoga Journal suggests, is the perfect time to explore your deepest insecurities, fears, and desires. There's no better time to be brutally honest with yourself, to be completely vulnerable, than under the cover of a moonless sky.