Royal Expert Reveals What Platinum Jubilee Attendees Are Gossiping About — Exclusive

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee kicked off with a bang. Her beloved grandson, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle made the trek from California to London for the occasion. They traveled by a commercial airline rather than private jet, which generated some headlines before the celebration even officially began.

Harry and Meghan also notably did not stand on the infamous balcony with the rest of the royal family (via The Daily Beast). This is not surprising as the queen decided only working members of the family were permitted to join this tradition, and the couple have stepped aside from their royal duties. The trip marks the first time Harry and his family have returned to the United Kingdom together following the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey where the couple made some claims about experiencing racism from the royal family (per The New York Times).

While many may have expected royal gossip to focus on Harry and Meghan on their return to the U.K., it seems that attention was directed elsewhere, at least during the opening day of the celebration. A royal insider exclusively told The List all about the gossip going on behind the scenes of the Platinum Jubilee.

Royal fans had a lot of opinions on the opening day of the Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates 70 years of service from the queen, kicked off with an opening day parade. It was attended by a massive crowd of supporters, all of whom had a lot to say about the event (per CNN).

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield, author of the book "R is for Revenge Dress: A Princess Diana–Inspired Alphabet Book for Grown-Ups" and founder of To Di For Daily, exclusively gave us the scoop on what people have been gossiping about. And no, it's not Prince Harry or Meghan Markle!

Schofield said that the celebrations were wonderful: "The energy is electric. More powerful than any award show or red carpet event that Hollywood could ever produce."

She added that there is some contention about Prince Charles taking over the monarchy in the future. "I have primarily heard positive feedback but I have also heard residents stress hesitance towards a King Charles regency," she explained. Many are hoping he will give the throne to his son, Prince William, according to Cosmopolitan.

Finally, she noted that the royal kids are scene stealers. "The Cambridge kids are the stars of the show," she gushed. "Normally, we would frown upon anything that might distract from the Queen but those children are the future and if they are the future... the future is bright!"