29 Best 2022 Father's Day Gifts

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Father's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to scour the internet for all the doodads for the cool dads out there. We're excited to help, so in addition to a list of unique Father's Day gifts, we also have advice on what not to buy. Okay, listen up; here's the No. 1 gift you should avoid getting dad this year: Velcro. Boy, what a rip off! 

Of course, we couldn't resist kicking off the shopping advice with a genuine, Grade-A dad joke, and that's just the start of the fun we have in store. But, the search for unique Father's Day gifts can be challenging, especially considering how many dads there are to honor and celebrate. The United States Census Bureau reports that six out of 10 men are dads. Among these numbers, you might have a DIY-dad, dapper dad, or kid-at-heart grandfather. And, let's not forget about all of the husbands, father figures, and mentors. That's a whole lot of dads, so we better get shopping! 

How we selected unique gifts for this list

The products selected for this list fall into a range of budgets — from under $10 to around $300. And though the National Retail Federation reports an average per person spend of $171.79 on Father's Day gifts, if you're like us, that is split between more than one gift. With this in mind, most of the gifts we've selected are less than $100. We've represented popular categories such as greeting cards, clothing, electronics, and special outings.

Thoughtful gifts for dads often dovetail off his hobbies or special interests. So, with this in mind, many of the selections are associated with music, food, sports, or mixology. But, within these popular categories, you'll find unique gifts for dad and even some suggestions for special experiences that match the theme of the product. For example, if you buy dad a streaming subscription, you could spend the day tuning into the best dad movies you should watch at least once in your lifetime.

In the end, though, every dad is different. So we also threw in a couple of wild cards, for the delightfully quirky dads. 

For the dad who takes the cake

If you've claimed dad's old classic rock t-shirts as your own, this Father's Day cake is a great way to say 'thanks for the on-trend tee." It also just happens to be a total showstopper celebration cake that can easily be the big reveal at a Father's Day party. Statista reports that around 30% of dads across the country want a cool family activity to be the focus of their special day, so this party cake is an easy way to get that detail all buttoned up.

The We Take the Cake Father's Day Cake is available at Gold Belly for $89.95.

Perfect for: Dads who love "The Great British Baking Show" | Considerations: The cake is 6" round and 4" tall and serves eight to 10 people.

For the on-the-go dad with an epic vinyl collection

Here's the plan: Pack a sack full of dad's favorite sandwiches and plan a celebratory papa picnic with a heaping helping of the classics. Victrola's portable rechargeable record player puts a new spin on vinyl record appreciation. As a result, dad will get the best of both worlds — the soothing crackle of vinyl plus the option to stream music from his favorite Bluetooth device. Since vinyl records started their resurgence in the mainstream in 2006, sales have continued to soar, according to Statista. So, grab some LPs and make Dad Day a breeze.

The Victrola Revolution GO 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Record Player is available on Amazon for $176.30.

Perfect for: Dads with a chill, low-fi vibe | Considerations: Plan on toting the records; the record player does not have built-in storage.

For the dad who's packing enviable school lunches

Does your husband get a little competitive when packing the kids' school lunches? If so, he'll appreciate the genius of this gadget that cores and stuffs bananas — all while the peel remains intact. Imagine the lunch trade offers that your kid will have to fend off!

The Banana Loca® straightens the banana for easy filling and works with everything from Nutella, peanut butter, Fluff, jelly, and even honey. First, of course, remember to adhere to any lunch guidelines that your child's school may have since peanuts are one of the most prevalent food allergies among children, according to the CDC. But that's no problem for this versatile gadget because, as one reviewer explains, you can use "Nutella and different kinds of jelly, and it work[s] flawlessly."

The Banana Loca® Kitchen Gadget is available on Amazon for $28.99.

Perfect for: Husbands that make kick-butt school lunches | Considerations: Reviews mention that it's totally cool, but plan for clean-up.

For the dad who laughs at sockery-mockery

You've been raised on a steady stream of classic dad jokes, and now's your chance to one-up him. The folks at InStitches are in the sock-card biz, which means your gift decisions just got a whole lot easier. Each card includes coordinating socks inside, and some — like this 'How to be a Dad' card — fall into a category of humor we've coined 'sockery-mockery.'

According to the National Retail Federation, greeting cards are the third-largest category of spending for Father's Day, so it'll take a little effort to be sure the card you give dad stands out from the rest. So, cue the lighthearted sockery-mockery to let him know he's not the only one with a silly side.

The How to be a Dad Sock Card is available at InStitches for $16.99.

Perfect for: All the jokester dads out there | Considerations: The hefty card may require additional postage if mailed.

For the dad whose backswing is a bit puzzling

If the dad or grandpa in your life is a puzzle aficionado, he'll appreciate the finery of a wooden puzzle. Nautilus Wooden Puzzles are cut into themed shapes, and so among the pieces of this golf-themed version you'll see flags, greens, championship cups, trees, and squirrels. It's a great gift if you want to spend some quality puzzle time together or are looking for the perfect puzzle to bring on vacation.

Of course, the stylized puzzle pieces are especially challenging, but just remind dad that Tiger Woods says, "Each and every day is a challenge. Each and every day presents its own different challenges for all of us," as per Golf. Also, keep in mind that this puzzle has only one review, but all 24 puzzles available from this brand have near-perfect 5-star ratings. So, keep on puzzling!

The Wooden Vintage Golf Posters Puzzle is available on Amazon for $129.95

Perfect for: Dads and grandfathers who like to putter with puzzles | Considerations: Irregularly shaped puzzle pieces can be more challenging.

For the dad who dreams of a restful sleep

All the dads out there are adulting so hard, so consider a supportive Father's Day gift. An easy way to literally support them is with a customized pillow. Pluto Pillow uses a questionnaire to understand how dad sleeps — measurable qualities like height and weight, combined with different sleep preferences are collected– and Pluto Pillow analyzes that data to create his perfect pillow.

Customers have rated the pillow 4.8 out of 5 stars, and one said, "I've been on the pillow hunt for years. I'm a real Goldilocks. Every pillow left me feeling stiff and sore. I sleep on my side and wake on my stomach. I gave Pluto a very detailed description of what I liked and disliked about past pillows, and they more than got it right." Because the CDC reports that one-third of the country's population struggles with sleep irregularities, a custom pillow for your pops is a worthy investment.

The Pluto Customized Pillow is available at Pluto, starting at $110.

Perfect for: Dads who want to choose how they snooze | Considerations: Of the 1,600+ reviews, 11 people gave 1-star. Customer service replied to each person to coordinate assistance.

For the outdoorsy dad who sleeps under the stars

If you know a deserving dad who prioritizes the call of the wild over Zoom meetings, a Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag is the way to go. The bag is offered in several temperature ratings and length combinations, and has an overall customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Plus, it's comparable in size to a large water bottle once packed.

The hiking experts at REI recommend evaluating a bag's temperature rating, weight, and type of insulation before purchasing. This sleeping bag makes that easy since it features responsibly-sourced down feathers and ranges in weight from a 7.9-ounce liner to just over two pounds for the densest, longest option.

The Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag is available at Sea to Summit, starting at $269.

Perfect for: Active dads that inspire a love of the great outdoors | Considerations: Cost is a factor, so it's best as a gift for an avid camper.

For the adventurous dad dedicated to farm-to-table life

He splits his weekend time between the farmer's market and the hiking trail. So, what's a good Father's Day gift if he already has good hiking gear? Farm to Summit dehydrated meals, of course! These pouches are packed with farm-fresh ingredients from local farms in Colorado, using upcycled produce, which is the "ugly" or slightly dented farm goodies that would otherwise go to waste. Repurposing and rethinking our food is one way, according to Upcycled Food Association, to reduce waste and improve the supply chain.

It makes sense that nature-loving, outdoorsy dads would want tasty yet mindful trail food, and Farm to Summit delivers on its promises with mac and cheese, hearty potato soup, curry rice meals, and more. Dad just adds hot water to the compostable bag, and his farm-tastic meal is ready.

Farm to Summit dehydrated meals, like the White Bean Stew, are available, starting at $12.50.

Perfect for: Fathers with a love of farm-fresh food and adventure | Considerations: The meals are not "instant." After adding hot water, Dad will need to wait 15-25 minutes.

For the DIY-mixologist dad who appreciates an oaky finish

This humble spiral is the No. 1 best-selling product in Amazon's Wine Making Barrels category, but why? In addition to home-brewing enthusiasts, people use the charred oak spirals to add a smoky flavor to store-bought liquor like whiskey or even wine. Spirited reviews repeatedly mention adding the coils to inexpensive whiskey, which sometimes spends less time being aged in barrels. The spiral steeps in the liquor for two weeks and adds a rich, smoky flavor note.

Alcohol often benefits from barrel aging, according to Mosswood Spirits, and this includes wine, rum, whiskey, and more. But if dad's alcohol budget doesn't account for the super expensive, aged options, this spiral is his best bet. For example, one customer reported that his rum experiment was a big success. "[I used] white rum and let it sit in a cabinet for 60 days. I was quite surprised by the result. This new 'aged' rum tastes better than other aged rums, and it costs a fraction of the price. And it makes a killer Mai Tai."

A two-pack of Oak Infusion Spirals is available on Amazon for $10.49.

Perfect for: Dads that enjoy mixology and DIY-light projects | Considerations: Accomplished home-brewers mention that wood chips are the gold standard for flavor infusing, so this is a good gift for getting started with an easier method.

For the dad who likes to keep his paws cozy

Slippers are a classic Father's Day gift for a reason; they're cozy and generally last a long time. These slippers take it further with a "papa bear" theme and fleece-lined inner sole. Dads everywhere love slippers, as it turns out — even the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. The royal rocked a pair of custom embroidered velvet slippers for the Top Gun premiere (via People).

We're partial to this pair, however, but won't judge the dads if they want to proudly wear them when they pop into the grocery store.

The Men's Papa Bear Slippers are available at Dearfoams for $36.

Perfect for: Proud papas who appreciate heartfelt sentiment | Considerations: Sizing is approximate (small through extra-large), so you'll need to reference the size chart.

For the dad who like a smokey cocktail with a side of bragging rights

When the smoke clears, your dad will be the all-time mixologist mega-hero among friends and family. Buying an in-glass cocktail smoker is a more affordable alternative to larger dome-style smokers that have become popular, with the Sitoo flying saucer-shaped smoker sitting atop the glass, funneling smoke inward. The kit contains four canisters of wood chips varieties that Martha Stewart suggests — cherry, pecan, peach, and applewood. Just add a few chips, char them with the included handheld torch, and cue the smoke show.

Customers agree that the UFO-shaped smoker is out of this world, rating it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. This makes sense, as this smoker has the edge over other models — its protective metal collar protects the unit from being scorched by the flame. "I also bought this one compared to others because of the metal rim," mentioned one customer, who highlighted a common issue with other brands, which is that "...they burnt too easily." They raved about what a big hit the gift was, saying, "My husband loved this so much! ...the chips smelled really good, and my husband said the smoke added extra flavor to his old-fashioned."

The SITOO Cocktail Smoker Kit is available on Amazon for $64.98.

Perfect for: Men who want a convenient cocktail smoker | Considerations: Some reviews flagged "no directions included in the box," so you may need to watch user-posted how-to videos.

For the dad who's a little nutty for snacks

Old Bay and Zatarain's seasoned peanuts? Well, just empty our bank accounts because these are some soulful snacks, and dad deserves it. He'll be grateful for a Father's Day deluge of these tasty nibbles, whether he's a TV snack-a-thon kind of guy or a charcuterie board connoisseur.

If you love a themed gift, it's noteworthy that Virginia Diner (yes, an actual diner) was featured on Season 3 of Guy Fieri's show, "Diners Drive-ins & Dives." The much-loved diner shared some highlights from the episode on YouTube, and it's been watched over 50,000 times. So, grab this gift set of specialty peanuts, which is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the box set of "Diners Drive-ins & Dives" to secure your Father's Day gift-giving win.

The Virginia Diner Tower of Traditions Gift Set is available on Amazon for $39.95.

Perfect for: Dads who savor flavor | Considerations: Among the more critical reviews, a few people called out that the peanuts are smaller in size than expected.

For the dad who appreciates compartments and organization

The modern-day Renaissance man toggles between work, gym, and family time. But, he still needs just the right tools and accessories to juggle everything with ease, which is where Petunia Pickle Bottom comes in. First of all, yes, it sounds like the name of a lovable scatter-brained nanny from a children's book series. And yes, we adore it. But memorable moniker aside, this brand is all about supporting multitasking parents.

Case in point, the Axis Backpack. It's got various compartments and pockets to keep kids' supplies organized. In fact, the bottom area is insulated for snacks and breast milk supplies; it also accommodates most breast pumps, making it an ideal bag for moms as well. In addition, the bag comes with a reusable, hygienic changing pad, an insulated area for the baby's bottle, and adjustable straps. The unisex design and versatility align with the dad brands trend reported by The New York Times and is an excellent fit for Father's Day gift-giving.

The Axis Backpack is available at Petunia Pickle Bottom for $149.

Perfect for: Doting dads who value organization | Considerations: The backpack is water-resistant but not 100% waterproof.

For the chill dad in need of a shirt that goes with everything

Warm weather brings sunny forecasts and the perfectly puckered fabric of summer — seersucker. The lightweight fabric has a polished yet relaxed vibe; plus, as Town & Country mentions, its textured surface eliminates the need for ironing. So, buying a good-quality seersucker shirt in a goes-with-everything color is a Father's Day gift that yields a good return on investment.

Take, for example, this short sleeve Peter Manning option in white, which is equally dashing dressed up or down. So much so that one reviewer mentioned, "Several people commented how well it looks and that it could easily be worn in a business casual environment. I wore it to a retirement ceremony and fit right in." Other reviews mention that the shirt is "good in hot weather" and is "very comfortable," and it's highly rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

The Seersucker Short Sleever is available at Peter Manning for $85.

Perfect for: Dads and granddads who want to be effortlessly cool | Considerations: Some reviews highlight that the shirt doesn't stay tucked, but the brand replied to clarify this shirt is designed to be worn untucked.

For the dad whose bucket list says 'eat all the jerky'

It's a weird word that rhymes with bong, but Biltong isn't some canna-curious edible. The air-dried snack is actually an iron and protein-dense jerky-like food that originally hails from South Africa (via Healthline). Oh, and the taste? The carnivorous, heavenly morsels are intensely meaty and satisfying, especially the zesty garlic and hickory flavors.

New to Amazon's Launchpad program, Stryve's Biltong snacks are perfect for on-the-go, sugar-free snacking. The brand "refuse[s] to blend in with the herd of sugar-laden, highly processed, 'better-for-you' snacks. [They] innovate, create and show up every day because [they] believe healthy is fun and leads to a happier, better life." Stryve's Beef Biltong has over 2,400 ratings and an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars. One customer described it as "...Jerky on nutritional steroids!" His review, which mentions it's his go-to post-workout snack, also says, "Every flavor is high in protein and low on carbs making this a very Keto friendly snack."

The Stryve Biltong 4-Pack is available on Amazon for $30.99.

Perfect for: People looking for hearty, no-sugar snacks | Considerations: The texture is more tender than traditional jerky, which surprised some customers.

For the dad who is the life of the pool party

Give your dad the gift of silly, summer fun. This is a motorized water float, so it's basically a battery-operated time-travel portal that allows dad to visit the carefree days of childhood again. The control mechanism allows for 360-degree movements, including forward, back, and circular maneuvers. The underside of the float has a propellor system powered by a battery-operated 66-watt motor, which yields positive reviews such as, "This little gem takes 4 'D' batteries and runs like a champ."

Customers often mention "durability," "value," and the most obvious selling point, which is that it's so "fun!" So much fun, in fact, that a YouTube video featuring the motorized float has over 60,000 views. One woman specifically mentioned that her husband used the gift to create a floating man-cave. "Husband assembled and put it right in the pool to watch the hockey game. Very comfortable with a great bottle/can holder. Motor works great and gets around quick. Very quiet."

The Poolcandy Tube Runner Motorized Water Float is available on Amazon for $149.

Perfect for: Dads and grandfathers who are young at heart | Considerations: Due to the cost of replacing batteries, customers suggest investing in rechargeable batteries.

For the proud papa who wants to twin with his kin and swim

The twinning-style swimsuits from Infamous Swim are fun gifts for dads, because honestly, what's better than matching with your little ones at the beach. "I purchased these for my husband, along with the matching kids Hugh Trunks for Father's Day," shared one mom. "The fit is true to size, and they arrived within 48hrs!"

The men's swimsuit is a board short style design, with all the expected features such as a smooth inner lining and fabric designed to dry fast. The shorts are also available in a broad offering of sizes — from 30 to 40. The brand's Instagram, which has over 600,000 followers, has plenty of family-twinning swimsuit inspiration. The matching family swim sets are a natural for the brand, considering its success is driven by a mom-boss.

The Hank Board Shorts are available at Infamous Swim for $79.

Perfect for: Dads that love a good Instagram moment | Considerations: Cost is always a consideration in "twinning" because it involves buying multiple products.

For the dad looking for simple relaxation and guided meditation

Morphée is a minimalist wooden box pre-loaded with guided meditations and sleep prompts. It offers over 200 ways to combine meditations, voice-of-choice, duration, and eight themes ranging from visualizations, body scans, nature sounds, music, and more. The guided sessions are presented by sleep experts to maximize the benefits of meditation, which has been associated with improved sleep, according to Harvard. With all that in mind, it's the perfect gift for dad this Father's Day if he needs a bit of peace, quiet, and self care. 

Customers are quick to comment on the "elegant" design among the reviews, but its functionality steals the spotlight. Morphée is a far cry from a simple sound machine, and customers remark on its results. "This device, first of all, works like a charm to help us insomniacs," explains one reviewer. They go on to say it is "...carefully crafted. One of my favorite all-time purchases ever from Amazon." The device is already ranked No. 120 in Amazon's sleep sound machines category, which is impressive considering it's new to Amazon's product lineup as of March 2022.

The Morphée Sleep Aid Device is available on Amazon for $99.99.

Perfect for: Giving a unique Father's Day gift | Considerations: Personal preferences will play a role in which sessions and presenter voices work best for each individual.

For the dad who appreciates the classics

The gang's all here! In this Lego gift set, Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and Newman are up to their 90's shenanigans. Sure, a hot minute has passed since the show aired. The casts' kids are growing up fast; even Jerry Seinfeld's daughter looks just like her famous dad. And she likely needs as much gift-giving help as the rest of us.

Among the world wide web's infinite suggestions of cool ways to spend time with your Dad on Father's Day, "build something" is a regular suggestion (via Reader's Digest). So, gift him an afternoon of binge and build — cue up old Seinfeld episodes and channel your love through Legos.

Lego went all-in on the accessories for this set; it even includes a big ol' pretzel — an homage to the "these pretzels are making me thirsty" episode. The reviews often mention the level of detail, classic episode references, and "hilarious" accessories. Overall, the set gets rave reviews and has 4.9 out of 5 stars. One reviewer said, "My wife got me this for my forty-sixth birthday, and I absolutely LOVE it. As a huge fan of the show, I appreciate all the little details and touches. I found it pretty easy to assemble, though be warned it takes a long time." In terms of how long it takes to assemble, most people mention "a few hours," and one person mentioned that "the Easter eggs for episodes from the show are spot on."

The LEGO Ideas Seinfeld Building Kit is available on Amazon for $79.95.

Perfect for: Dads that can't resist saying, "No soup for you!" | Considerations: A few reviews mentioned that the assembly was challenging.

For the dad whose claim to fame is being the weekend waffle king

The food experts at Epicurious recommend making a waffle bar as part of the brunch celebration on Father's Day. We see their suggestion and raise them a themed-gift idea as well. This under $50 waffle maker is the perfect gift for dads who know weekends are for waffles.

This waffle wonder makes two at a time with the help of a rotating griddle system. And, as you probably guessed, people love it. "I never made so many waffles before," said one reviewer. Another mentioned that it "can cook [2 waffles] within 6-8 minutes, [which is] good for families with kids who want their freakin' waffles already!" With over 3,400 reviews, the double-duty waffle iron has a 4.6-star rating. So warm up the syrup because breakfast will be ready in a flash.

The BLACK+DECKER Rotating Waffle Maker is available on Amazon for $34.71.

Perfect for: Experienced and inexperienced foodie-dads | Considerations: Waffle irons are notoriously tricky to clean, so remind dad to lightly oil it to prevent sticking.

For the foodie father looking to kick it up a notch

Some superstar foodies got together and created The Real Dill, a zero-waste brand dedicated to extraordinary tastes. Along with prioritizing fresh flavors, the brand "partner[s] with the community development non-profit Re:Vision to compost more than 30,000 pounds of food waste," which is a critical step in reducing the global issue of waste throughout the food system (via Hive Brands).

In addition to composting efforts, the brand has a low carbon footprint, and its packaging is 100% roadside recyclable. That's undeniably fantastic, but let's circle back on the other claim to fame: flavor. Well, in short — taste is kind of a big dill. The brand makes rubs, sauces, and even Habanero Horseradish Dill Pickles.

Among the reviews that have earned the Bloody Mary Mix 4.7 stars, one customer posted that it tastes " ... very fresh and delicious," and another went so far as to give up altogether on her previous go-to recipe. "I've been told I make a mean Bloody Mary, but one taste of this, and I've hung up my apron, so to speak. Did not add a thing to it, and it's perfect!" To top it all off, the brand's Instagram feed is full of Bloody Mary inspiration and reminders that tomatoes are a good source of antioxidants!

The Real Dill Bloody Mary Mix is available at Hive for $13.99.

Perfect for: Boozy brunch-loving dads | Considerations: The jar is 32 ounces, so it will only yield a few Bloody Marys.

For the fix-it dad who appreciates multipurpose gadgets

From the car to the mobile office — and even the campsite — this multi-use power source is a unique gift for dads. The 16000mAh capacity Athena portable power source will jumpstart a car or power a laptop or other USB-C, USB, or MicroUSB-compatible electronics. In addition to the unit's power supply capabilities, it also has a 3-setting LED flashlight and is water, dust, and shock-proof, so no worries if it's rattling around in the trunk.

The gadget's multi-use design caught the eye of reviewers at Forbes, who loved its functionality and compact size. Along those lines, customers often mention the convenience and design: "Easy to use with enclosed instructions and great to have as a peace of mind when you're in a pinch." The titles associated with reviews sometimes refer to the gadget as a "lifesaver," with one person confirming its value by saying, "I have needed to use this 5 different times. So dependable! Awesome product!"

The Athena Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank is available at Uncharted for $139.00.

Perfect for: Pretty much any dad, grandfather, or other human | Considerations: One review suggested the manufacturer should increase the font size in the manual.

For the grill master dad looking to show-off this season

If, over the years, you've given your husband, dad, or grandfather every version of the personalized apron and grilling gadgets out there, here's a fun way to switch it up. Salmon sausages will be a hit with the grill master whose signature char skills have been honed by years of spatula-wielding, flame-fueled grilling expeditions. Of course, these sausages are a tasty seafood addition to dad's weekend surf and turf menu, but they're also pre-cooked for an easy weeknight grilling session.

Blue Circle Foods is dedicated to sustainable seafood practices, and their YouTube clips have been viewed over 24k times. The brand's recipes certainly play a role, especially since the sausages don't need to be thawed before grilling. The frozen fish brand's convenience also contributes to Eat This, Not That's stamp of approval and its awards, which include being a Progressive Grocer's 2021 Editor's Pick! On top of the gourmet appeal and convenience, it's always a bonus when your gift is also a health food (via Mayo Clinic).

The Lemon Dill Salmon Sausages are available at Blue Circle Seafood for $8.99.

Perfect for: All the father figures in your life that know everything's better with grill marks | Considerations: There are four sausages per package.

For the dad who's first in line for new ice cream flavors

You know it's a good sign when an ice cream spoon is listed among the top-performing ice cream scoops on Amazon. So, if the dad in your life settles down for a nighttime snack and uses a spoon more like a shovel, consider your Father's Day shopping complete. With over 4,300 ratings and 4.7 stars, this keepin' it real spoon is ranked #31 across Amazon's category of ice cream scoops.

"I was having the hardest time thinking of a gift for my Papa, who has everything," said one customer who was excited to find such a unique Father's Day gift. The review goes on to say that " ... the man loves ice cream and eats it every night, so this was perfect!" Of course, eating ice cream often is no surprise, especially in light of the Market Watch report indicating that the ice cream industry continues to embrace innovation and growth. Even with the industry's ability to readily ship ice cream from coast to coast, this ice cream shovel might be the best innovation yet!

The Laser Engraved Dad's Ice Cream Spoon is available on Amazon for $13.95.

Perfect for: Folks who daydream of ice cream | Considerations: Among the more critical reviews, a few people expressed a preference for engraving that is more deeply embedded.

For the cool dad who appreciates craftsmanship

The Jacket Maker isn't just a cool name for a website featuring leather jackets. In addition to a deep inventory of beautiful styles, you can, in fact, order custom creations. However, when you consider that The Jacket Maker's prices are substantially lower than many brands on the market, it begs the question — how?

There's an easy answer: You won't find The Jacket Maker in stores. Instead, it's a direct-to-consumer line, eliminating the middle man cost markups. Plus, the brand skips traditional advertising — further reducing overhead — and instead relies on word of mouth and social media. This business model can be tricky, but a quick review of the brand's ratings shows nearly 2,000 5-star reviews. Customers also post within the comments section on Instagram, too. "Just received my jacket, and tbh I'm really impressed with the quality," said one fan. The quality also inspired them to add, "I'll definitely be ordering again very soon."

The 3-season Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket is available in sizes XS through 4X, but you can also opt to have it made to size. If you don't see your dream jacket listed, no worries. The craftsmen will work with you directly on a fully customized design!

The Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket is available at The Jacket Maker for $210.

Perfect for: Dads who've always wanted a leather coat but prioritized their kids instead | Considerations: If you partially or fully customize a jacket, it can be altered but not returned.

For the dapper dad who deserves a splurge

These gray suede kicks go with everything, and every dad needs a sneaker that says "Yeah, I'm a low-key baller." So, we're excited to share M. Gemi, a luxe Italian brand that specializes in shoes and accessories. The shoes are crafted in Italy, and their Instagram feed, which has over 135k followers, sometimes features the artisans who create the products, as well as the answers to customers' frequently asked questions.

Whether your dad is a card-carrying member of the dapper dad club or just appreciates the finer things in life, these kicks are a worthy splurge. In a video tour of one of the M. Gemi facilities in Italy, it's easy to see the level of craftsmanship involved with the time-honored tradition of handmade Italian shoes. The video, which has over 16k views, also shows the arduous work involved. When it comes to quality, the website highlights that "The master of the sneaker, Marco, meticulously oversees every detail of every design in his small, Tuscan workshop."

The Palestra Uomo Sneaker is available in four colors at M. Gemi for $248.

Perfect for: Fashion-forward fathers and those who prefer a clean-design | Considerations: Sizing is in an Italian system, but a size chart is provided in the listing.

This can is for the man who values craft cocktails

Father's Day is in June, so it's time to kick off the summer picnics and get-togethers. And this season, the mixologists at Monaco Cocktails are creating a bit of a buzz with their craft cocktails. They're serious about the craft of canned cocktails, approaching it with an eye on the art of fine blending. So, having said that, you're basically gifting your Dad status as an art connoisseur.

Of course, it'll be tough to choose between the brand's options, so we undertook a highly scientific approach to helping you decide. After an exhaustive round of one potato, two potato, the verdict is clear: You should grab a mixology medley of all the flavors, including the Watermelon Crush, Moscow Mule, Mai Tai, and Black Raspberry, of course. Regardless of which varieties you choose, Dad will be ready for some grillin' and chillin' and a summer that CNN reports will be "dominated" by canned cocktails.

The Monaco Cocktails are available in 4-packs at Drizly for $10.99.

Perfect for: Dads who are serious about sips | Considerations: Each can contains two shots of alcohol.

For the dad who wants a stake in the candle decision-making game

We're not sure if you've heard, but there have been grumblings among the dad crowd. They want a say in the household candle scent selection, gosh darn it! Although they don't yet have an official hashtag to get their mission trending on social media, a scent-selection storm is brewing on the horizon. So, it's the perfect time to introduce him to Aerangis.

New York-based Aerangis has been featured by Popsugar, Marie Claire, and Coveteur. The praise is well earned because these candles aren't just about smelling good. Instead, the scents are highly curated to conjure memories — to meld their multi-layered aromas into life's special moments. Of course, we all know the obvious examples of this type of aromatherapy — like how the smell of fresh-cut grass is viscerally bound to the carefree feeling of summer. Well, the experts at Aerangis are masterful, according to Business of Home, and their scents include everything from jasmine and evening breeze to aging spirits and beyond.

So, let's give Dad a break from the typical sugar cookie candles!

The Aged Spirits Candle is available at Aerangis, starting at $38.

Perfect for: Dads who want a whiff of whiskey and toasted oak | Considerations: The burn time on the 3.5 oz candle is 25 hours.

For the dad who yearns for proper Neapolitan pizza

Dad has a few superpowers, no doubt, but at the end of the day, he's only human; he can't resist the melty magic of fresh-from-the-oven pizza. So, skip the freezer-aisle faux-charred charlatans, and treat him to the legit Neapolitan pizza that the editors at Food and Wine recommend.

Talia DiNapoli pizzas are made in Italy and shipped to you "asleep," meaning the pizza is 95% cooked. So once you fire up your oven and pop the pie in there, it'll wake up and finish cooking without drying out. These folks are so passionate about the pizza they eschew a permanent supplier system, opting instead to source constantly the freshest ingredients throughout the year. "If we need cherry tomatoes, we'll go as far south as possible to ensure they are grown in the sun."

It's not all super-serious saucing and sourcing, though. A stroll through the brand's Instagram feed yielded this pizza-pizzaz, and yes, we're watching it on repeat.

The Neapolitan Provolina Pizza Multi-Pack is available at Talia DiNapoli, starting at $110.

Perfect for: Mentors, dads, and grandfathers who get starry-eyed for authentic pizza pie | Considerations: The pizzas are shipped only as multi-packs, but there are both single-variety and assorted variety options.