Rainbow Makeup Looks To Try Out During Pride Month

Pride month is finally here, and it is a cause for celebration for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike. Pride is a beautiful opportunity to bring the LGBTQ+ community and those that support it together; it's a time to let loose and spread as much love and happiness as humanly possible. It's also a time to take all the pain and suffering of The Stonewall Riots that Pride commemorates and transform it into something as beautiful as taking to the streets in your brightest colors to vibrantly celebrate love, per BBC.

There's no shortage of ways to celebrate Pride month, though it's best to figure out a healthy balance of education and fun. Watch an LGBTQ+ focused TV show to bask and swoon in queer love; on a more serious note, you could watch a documentary to learn more about the important history of Pride and other moments in LGBTQ+ history. No matter what, dedicate ample time to hitting the streets and surrounding yourself with LGBTQ+ sunshine all month long. Attend the parades or a drag brunch. The best part about these events is dressing the part. 

Who doesn't love an excuse to whip out all of your brightest colors and emulate that rainbow flag? Makeup is an especially fun way to get your rainbow colors in. You can't go wrong with a pop of color. Here are a few fun ways to achieve the perfect Pride rainbow makeup look...  

Try a pop of colors

Let's kick things off with a simple rainbow look just about anyone can achieve — even the low-maintenance Cara Delevingne. This idea is perfect if you're trying to incorporate a rainbow moment into your makeup without having to dedicate a good hour to perfecting it. A pop of color (or colors, rather) makes the statement you need without taking over your entire face; the statement is "I am here for Pride, and I am here for a good time."

Achieving this look is as simple as it seems. Grab some eyeliners or eyeshadows in the colors of the rainbow flag and make tiny marks with each color under your eyes. You can get as creative or simple as you'd like. Either opt for Delevingne's mini triangle flags (via Instagram) or draw some stars or hearts instead. Whatever you choose, this is a rainbow look anyone can achieve, and it's guaranteed to make your eyes pop as an added bonus.

Euphoria meets Pride makeup is all the rage

2021 and 2022 have undeniably been the years of the makeup gems, and we have "Euphoria" to thank for that, per Grazia. This trend is all about adding a few face crystals or glitters to take your makeup look from simple to euphoric. Of course, the same concept applies to your Pride rainbow makeup look? 

Another simple way to achieve a rainbow makeup look is to simply buy some multicolored gems or crystals and apply them around your eyes on or your face. Now, make sure to use eyelash adhesive to glue them on; you don't want to reach for actual glue and be stuck with them for life, per Refinery29. Eyelash glue will keep your crystals in place all day long. How you place them is entirely up to you; you could draw inspiration from Courtney Long (via Instagram) and place them as a halo in your crease. You can even scatter them across your cheeks — as long as you've got rainbow colors, you will catch every ray of sunlight at that Pride parade.

Utilize a ray of colors

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes always delivers. Her entire Instagram feed is filled with stunning and creative makeup looks that fans immediately demand tutorials for, per Forbes. The New York-based Brit's talent speaks for itself as she effortlessly pulls off everything from no-makeup-makeup to super bold vibrant looks. Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without one of her creations. 

Your immediate thought when attempting rainbow makeup may be to just brush on some rainbow-colored eyeshadow. Well, you're right. But you can definitely draw some inspiration from this splatters of color look that Hughes created (via Instagram). There's no wrong way to do this look. In fact, Hughes shared her many followers' attempts at recreating her original look, and they're all stunning. The idea is simply to have a ray of color shooting out from your lash line to create a paint splatter effect. Have fun with it!  

Pastel rainbows count, too

When it comes to deciding on your rainbow makeup look for Pride, people generally tend to stick with the traditional approach. But who said your rainbow colors can't be pastel? It became very clear very quickly this past spring that lilac makeup — and pastel eyeshadow in general — was making a comeback; you might as well keep the pastel ball rolling, per Vogue

Take this look Jill Powell created on Sabrina Carpenter for example (via Instagram). Powell created a gradient effect using pastel eyeshadows. The fact that they are shimmery only makes them all the more perfect for Pride. This is one of those makeup looks that looks a lot more impressive than it is difficult to achieve. You just have to select your pastel rainbow colors and apply them as blocks above your eyes. Then grab a clean blending brush and begin to blend the lines between the blocks to create a gradient effect. 

It's that simple!

These rainbow flames are fire

Well, we might as well round out the list with the most extravagant and impressive look of them all. Autumn Angelize really did that (via Instagram). If you're in the mood to really challenge yourself and get creative with your rainbow makeup look for Pride this year, then this is the extravagant look to attempt. 

Angelize shared this beautiful rainbow flames makeup look. Using varying colors on each eye, they blend them into an ombre effect while adding a wave of alternating color combinations to create flames. This one will need a few practice attempts. Angelize created the stunning look in honor of Pride and shared their own touching message. "To those out, closeted, questioning, learning, and evolving- I love you and happy pride," they wrote. "Your identity is forever important. You deserve to exist freely and happily. Drink your water and take care of yourself."