7 Little Johnstons Season 12: Details We Know So Far

In 2015, "7 Little Johnstsons" debuted on TLC, and, in the ensuing years, fans have come to feel like they genuinely know the central family. 

The hit reality show follows the Georgia-based Johnstons, led by proud parents Trent and Amber. Their lovable family, comprised of biological children Elizabeth and Jonah and adopted kids Anna, Alex, and Emma, first came to national prominence when, per ABC News, they described themselves as "the real-life seven dwarfs."

The Johnstons all have achondroplasia, the world's most common form of dwarfism, and they've enamored themselves to millions of fans all over the globe by refusing to succumb to a "woe-is-me attitude," as Amber told People. Although part of the reason they chose to put their family — the largest of its kind in existence to date — on television was to spread awareness of their condition, the Johnstons also wanted to showcase that they've got the same issues as anyone else. 

Over the years, fans have watched the kids grow up and tackle dating and typical teenage problems while juggling studying and after-school activities — and, naturally, bickering with their parents and siblings. 

Although Season 11 of "7 Little Johnstons" just wrapped in May 2022, viewers are already clamoring for more from their favorite family. Here's everything we know about Season 12 thus far.

Has 7 Little Johnstons been renewed for a 12th season?

As Reality TitBit notes, Emma Johnston caused major controversy when she seemed to hint that "7 Little Johnstons" was coming to an end. 

During an Instagram Q&A session in April 2022, a fan asked how many seasons the family was planning on doing. Emma confirmed they were shooting 20 more episodes and "that was it." Considering that seasons of "7 Little Johnstons" typically run eight to 10 episodes, we can reasonably assume that there are two more seasons to go before the family possibly says goodbye.

None of the other Johnstons commented at the time, but, since the show hadn't been renewed, fans were understandably concerned about its future. Thankfully, the following month, TV Series Finale confirmed that "7 Little Johnstons" would indeed be back for Season 12, per a press release from TLC. Moreover, they teased that the upcoming season "brings major life changes for all the children and one Johnston is moving in with a boyfriend." 

Fans won't have to wait too long to get their fix, either, with the show slated to return on Aug. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

What could Season 12 of 7 Little Johnstons be about?

According to TV Series Finale, TLC hinted at significant changes for our favorite family in the upcoming season of "7 Little Johnstons." 

First off, Jonah Johnston has moved out of the family home, but, after he struggles to cope on his own, parents Trent and Amber Johnston start to wonder whether he needs to come back with them for a while. 

Elizabeth Johnston is also planning to find some independence alongside boyfriend Brice, but her folks are understandably concerned that it might be too soon for her, too. As Distractify notes, the happy couple has been involved since at least 2019 and have been discussing moving in together since September 2021, but her parents are unconvinced, despite the fact that Elizabeth currently lives on her own and supports herself, too. 

Elsewhere, Anna Johnston is looking for love again after her previous relationship fell apart before it had even really begun, while teenagers Alex and Emma Johnston are preparing to turn 17 with all that entails, as both kids look forward to becoming adults. 

TV Season Spoilers also reports that the upcoming season will follow Trent's new job as a car salesman, which came about due to the pandemic.

Would the Johnstons ever consider giving up their show?

After Emma Johnston hinted that the show might be ending soon, fans began speculating that Season 12, or the following season, could be its last. In an exclusive interview with The List, Amber Johnston acknowledged that filming "7 Little Johnstons" during the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult, especially since they had to keep their distance from the crew, with whom the Johnstons have grown incredibly close over the years. 

"We have to think it out a lot more, and a lot more planning than we are used to," she explained. "But, I mean, we're still moving forward and, hopefully, things are going to get better."

The Johnstons want to prove that anything is possible and to inspire those watching at home to follow their dreams. Amber confirmed that they have "no regrets" about anything they've shared to date. "I definitely think that whenever the time does come that our show road is coming to an end, there will not be any looking back as far as, 'Oh, I wish I wouldn't have done that,'" she said. 

As for her favorite part about filming the show, the proud matriarch told Monsters and Critics, "As a family, we provide the footage. Our crew does such a fantastic job putting the pieces together to make our story to share with viewers."

We'll have to wait and see how long "7 Little Johnstons" ultimately lasts, but, for the time being, we can at least look forward to Season 12.