If You're An Enneagram 9, This Is The Number You're Most Compatible With

Why is your Enneagram type any more helpful than other personality and aptitude tests? One possible reason is that it contains a spiritual element that takes into account childhood wounds, matching different types with their dominant Intelligence Centers and core emotions. For free Enneagram testing, Truity offers a test, and the Enneagram Institute allows you to access your results to their test for free without purchasing your full results.

Per The Enneagram Institute, the Enneagram is a circle of nine types that are all interconnected in some way: For example, Type nine, the Peacemaker, at their best will exhibit the positive virtues of Type three, the Challenger. However, when Nines are stressed or struggling, they will express symptoms that Type six, the Loyalist, also experiences when they're struggling. These directions of integration and disintegration, respectively, affect each Enneagram type — because of this, it makes sense to learn about the entirety of the Enneagram for a better grasp on qualities you'd wish to enhance in yourself or trappings in your own type or others you'd like to avoid. 

Ultimately, each Enneagram type has its gifts and challenges, and when surrounded by others who help them grow, they will be able to join the world openly and with a deep understanding of others' lived experiences and potential wounds. 

Type Nine can succeed in mutually giving relationships

According to mindbodygreen, Type nine pairs best with Type one, the Moralist, and Type two, the Helper. Since nine and one are next to each other, they may be what's called each other's wing. This means that the nine could exhibit the one's traits and vice versa. Of course, similarities don't always make for a perfect partnership, but The Enneagram Institute assesses that these types' shared idealism and desire to better the world around them will unite them in a common cause. The nine's calming energy can help soften the especially rigid one, while the ambitious one can remind nine to set high standards for themselves to succeed.

In a relationship with Type two, nines will make sure that the Helper is valued for who they are rather than their care-taking abilities which have defined them, per mindbodygreen. However, the two is naturally invested in those they care about, so the nine will receive a level of support that more individualistic members of the Enneagram may not have provided for them in the past.

Truity gives advice to anyone in an intimate relationship with a nine: It's easy for the Peacemaker to invest their self-worth in their partner, and if they are at odds, it may put the nine in a passive-aggressive state of disappointment in their partner's fall from the pedestal. In a pairing with nine, it's best to encourage boundaries between themselves and their partner up front without building emotional walls that could inhibit a deeper connection

Issues may arise due to Type Nine's passive-aggressive streak

When considering an Enneagram nine's chance at a successful relationship with a Type one, it's important to weigh their titles against each other, as well as the traits they imply. Type one, the Moralist, is known for being perfectionistic, which requires an active approach to their life and choices. Type nine, the Peacemaker, will often grow passive and withdrawn in the face of conflict, and appear to avoid dealing with their issues. The Moralist can grow impatient with Nine and resent their avoidance and apathy toward their own life. 

Type two, the Helper, and their Peacemaker partner will run into the opposite problem with the same root issue. Both tend to eschew responsibility for bringing conflicts to the table, and resentment can build especially for the nine, who leads with anger. Two's dominant emotion, in The Feeling Center, is shame, meaning that if the nine brings up or criticizes their behavior, they will take the feedback to heart and are likely to experience a deep wound from the interaction. The people-pleasing two is accustomed to giving to others and receiving appreciation for their efforts, even if they have to take over a situation in order to help the other person. Because the Peacemaker values their independence, they may reject the two's controlling behavior, causing their partner to feel both put down and as though their intentions have been misinterpreted.

According to Truity's research, nines are most compatible with ones and twos.