If You're An Enneagram 7, This Is The Number You're Most Compatible With

The Enneagram system breaks the population down into nine personality types based on their qualities, fears, and desires. According to mindbodygreen, in consultation with The Enneagram Institute's guidelines, Sevens are known as the Enthusiasts — for their upbeat attitude toward any challenge that may come their way. Sevens are the Enneagram's adventurers, whose busy lives accommodate all the fun and stimulation they possibly can. 

Sevens are sometimes perceived as flakey, for their diverse range of interests and pursuits, but they are typically deeply invested in the outcomes of their projects. When they become overwhelmed, however, their future-minded approach to life may prompt them to disengage from issues in the present and barrel full steam ahead. They can also sometimes fail to allow time for healing or reprioritization.

When calculating compatibility, The Enneagram Institute takes traits from each to project potential pairings. For type Seven's, their general disposition, goals, and approach to life are considered. 

Type Seven appreciates this type's positive attitude

According to Bustle, type Sevens are able to use their resilience and optimism to overcome emotional conflicts, making them a good pairing for Nine, the Enneagram's Peacemaker. Sevens tend to be the performer in this pairing, with Nines as their supporter, per The Enneagram Institute's description. Seven's high-energy approach to life can bring the easygoing Nine a healthy dose of excitement. They can also teach Nine how to advocate for themselves and find their voice. 

At the same time, Nines can remind Sevens that taking their time doesn't have to feel boring or arduous and that their enthusiasm can also translate into a calm gratitude. They are a grounding force for the unsettled Seven, and can bring them into the present moment through their joyous union. The Enneagram also groups types into three different Intelligence Centers: Thinking, which is grounded in the mind, Feeling, grounded in the heart, and the Instinctive Center, found in the gut, per Enneagram Explained

While Sevens are found in the Thinking Center, Nines reside in the Instinctive Center; this means that the quick-witted Seven can be balanced out by Nine's skills in interpersonal connection and tactful interactions with others. Sevens may be able to overwhelm their audience with their powerful, racing minds, but Nines can provide perspective on what may be best for all involved. However, both Sevens and Nines are prone to avoiding conflicts, which could ratchet up the tension in the relationship until their issues are dealt with head-on.

Sevens and Nines may have some communication obstacles to overcome

Despite their many complementary qualities, Enneagram Sevens and Nines have a few roadblocks in their way when it comes to communication, including their potentially toxically positive feedback loop. Per The Enneagram Institute's analysis of this pairing, both can repress their negative emotions, then become critical and lash out when they feel their defensiveness bubbling up in an argument.

Both types are prone to avoiding conflict and they generally try to smooth over bumps in the road. However, honest Sevens are typically the ones to bring confrontation to the table, while Nines may continue to retreat. Sevens may grow to resent their partners' passivity or apparent indecisiveness, and Nines could be offended by Seven's bluntness. 

Type Sevens' Dominant Emotion is fear, per The Institute, while Nines' is anger. Sevens may fear the dissolution of their intimate relationships due to unresolved issues, so they boldly attack problems without truly accepting personal responsibility. Nines may allow their anger at Sevens' aggressive approach to prevent them from contributing to the discussion since they hope to hide what they perceive as a negative emotion. In doing so, they may punish the overly communicative seven with the cold shoulder until they find a way to get back to their peaceful homeostasis.