What Does It Mean When You Dream About Having A Miscarriage?

For those looking to add a new member to their family, suffering from a miscarriage can be a devastating blow. Like many losses, miscarriage can be a topic difficult to discuss, which is largely why many expecting parents don't announce their pregnancy until the second trimester, when the odds of miscarrying drop significantly. Though it's such a taboo topic, miscarriages aren't uncommon — March of Dimes suggests that up to half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. This is because many may miscarry before even being aware that they were pregnant. Of known pregnancies, Mayo Clinic says that up to 20% result in a miscarriage.

Even so, there's often a social stigma surrounding miscarriage, which can make having dreams about miscarrying especially troubling. Whether you're pregnant or not, dreaming of you or someone else suffering from a miscarriage is typically normal. But what do these dreams mean, and when are they cause for concern?

Dreams about having a miscarriage are often linked to fears

According to Healthline, pregnancy can trigger more frequent and vivid dreams during sleep. Of these dreams, many are related to being pregnant — including miscarrying. Some pregnant people may fear that these dreams are a sign that they're bound to lose their baby, but in many cases, these dreams are no more than a reflection of their biggest fears. Dream interpretation blog MillersGuild explains that dreaming about miscarriage is common in the first months of pregnancy, when anxiety and stress are at an all-time high. Women who have miscarried in the past or who are pregnant with their first child might be especially likely to have these dreams. As their fears subside, their distressing dreams often do, too.

If you're not pregnant, you may still experience fear-related dreams about miscarriage. According to MillersGuild, these dreams often indicate a loss of something vital that contributes to your growth. You may need to overcome a fear that is holding you back in your personal or professional life.

In other instances, miscarriage dreams may be about another person suffering from a miscarriage. In these cases, the sleep blog Dreaming and Sleeping says that you may be concerned for that person. You might fear for this person's future and want to protect them. If your dream is about your wife or partner, it may also be a sign that you feel, deep down, that you're neglecting them in some way.

Unsettling dreams can sometimes signal underlying conditions

Dreaming about having a miscarriage often says more about your inner fears and thoughts than it does your (or your loved one's) chances of actually having a miscarriage. But it doesn't mean these dreams aren't alarming. If your dreams are recurring, take it as a sign that there's a message your subconscious is trying to highlight. Exploring your fears or thoughts while awake, such as with a therapist, may help you put a stop to these repeated nightmares.

There are a couple of other scenarios where your dreams might demand extra attention. For example, miscarriage dreams that are persistent and interfere with your quality of life could be related to Nightmare Disorder, according to Psych Central. Frequent bad dreams could also be caused by health issues such as heart disease and sleep apnea. A trip to your primary care physician or sleep specialist may help rule out any underlying conditions.