How To Replicate Charithra Chandran's Makeup Routine For A Fun Night Out

Ah, "Bridgerton." When you make Netflix history and become the English language show with the most viewership, you must be doing something right (via IndieWire). From the tense love triangles to the strong familial bonds, there is so much to love about this Regency-era romance. Another thing we can't get enough of? The iconic clothing.

The Regency-era fashion, including the empire-waist gowns, opera gloves, and extravagant jewels, is instrumental in creating the escapist, fantasy world that is "Bridgerton" (via Pure Wow). While the Duke of Hastings' "I burn for you" confession still lives in our heads rent-free, so does Kate Sharma's striking teal gown and Daphne's decadent debut ball gown (via Marie Claire). And let's not forget the over-the-top wigs donned by Queen Charlotte.

Viewers have become so accustomed to seeing the "Bridgerton" cast in Regency-era clothing that it's a little shocking to see the actors dressed in modern-day garb. As it turns out, many of the cast members are just as fashionable as the characters they play on-screen. One of "Bridgerton"s newer cast members, Charithra Chandran, has a much bolder style compared to the demure Edwina Sharma, with an affinity for vibrant colors and mini skirts, as noted by Insider. As for her go-to makeup? The actress demonstrated how to recreate her night out look in an interview with Vogue.

Charithra Chandran learned skincare secrets from Bridgerton makeup artist

Before Charithra Chandran slathers on a face full of makeup, she takes care of her skin first. Looking for your own regimen? Here is the perfect order to follow for your skincare routine.

In her Vogue tutorial, Chandran starts by washing her face with cleanser, confessing that she's usually really rough on her skin. "My makeup and hair stylist on 'Bridgerton' kept telling me 'be gentle, be gentle,'" she shared. After applying some toner, Chandran follows another beauty tip disclosed to her by her "Bridgerton" makeup artist — eye patches. The British-Indian actress revealed that she often had to be in the makeup chair by 4:35 a.m. on the set of "Bridgerton." The eye patches were a great way to mask the fatigue she felt at the end of a long day of filming. "We needed all the help we could get," she admitted jokingly.

To wrap up her skin-care routine, Chandran applies moisturizer and lip balm, and tweezes any stray eyebrow or mustache hairs. The actress revealed that she usually prefers to take care of her eyebrows herself rather than get them done professionally. "I'm very protective over them," Chandran shared. 

When it comes to beauty, Chandran pulls from both her British and Indian roots. In an interview with Allure, the actress revealed that she still uses coconut oil in her hair once a week — a tip that she learned from her grandmother at a young age.

The actress and her mother share a love for makeup

Charithra Chandran did not develop her makeup routine overnight. In her tutorial with Vogue, the actress admits that it took her a lot of "trial and error" to curate her go-to look for a night out. When Chandran would watch tutorials, they often wouldn't work for her because they weren't catered to her exact face shape.

After applying primer to her face, Chandran's next step is foundation. The Perth native likes to apply foundation on the lower half of her face, which is slightly darker than the rest of her face. Chandran explained this is "very normal if you have dark skin." 

As a South Asian woman, Chandran has opened up about the life-changing experience of being cast on "Bridgerton" during a Netflix panel. "I never ever imagined that someone who looked like me would be in those outfits in a show like that," she shared. "And for it to happen, I just couldn't believe it.

Before moving on to her eye makeup, Chandran fills in her brows with a brow pen and brow gel. The "Alex Rider" star then does some color correcting, a trick she learned from her mom. Her mom also taught her that "makeup isn't about hiding things that you don't like about your skin or your face. It's about enhancing what you already have."

The star draws makeup inspiration from her nationalities

After applying some blush here and a little contour and highlighter there, Charithra Chandran tackles the final touches to her makeup look: the eyes and the lips. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the actress shared that she typically opts for a bold eye look and a nude lip. To shake things up for the Season 2 premiere of "Bridgerton," the actress went the opposite route, opting for a bold lip and a more subtle eye. 

Chandran starts by applying a taupe color to her lid, branching off to the side a bit to "give it a more feline-y shape." And what's a night out without a little glitter? The actress goes back to her trusty highlight palette to add a few minor details to her eyeshadow. "I love a good multi-purpose tool," she shared.

Chandran's favorite makeup item of all time? Eyeliner. "This is the Indian screaming out of me. I'm an eyeliner girl," she said. The "Bridgerton" star uses several different eyeliners to complete her makeup look. After applying mascara, her least favorite product, the British-Indian star adds a lip liner and a few layers of lipstick. To purchase any of Charithra's go-to products or watch her full routine, make sure to check out her tutorial on Vogue's popular bathroom makeup series.