If You're An Enneagram 4, Here Is The Self-Help Book You Should Read

According to RuPaul, "reading is fundamental" (via Goodreads). When you open a book, you open a whole world of information and possibilities — but that isn't the only benefit. WebMD says reading is much more beneficial for your brain than scrolling on your phone before bed. Many of us have gotten in the habit of picking up our phones rather than a book, so this is a great ritual to start. Choosing a self-help book to read instead of looking at your phone offers double the benefits because it teaches you how to improve your life and get into healthier habits. 

The process of figuring out which self-help book best suits you can be overwhelming, so taking time to consider aspects of your personality and lifestyle can help make that task a little easier. A great way to do this would be to consider your enneagram type because your enneagram explains so much more than just your personality: It teaches you more about your habits, emotions, flaws, and desires. For enneagram type Fours, aka the Individualists (per The Enneagram Institute), self-help books are a great way to achieve their ultimate goal: to discover and embody their unique identity.

Enneagram Fours value self-awareness

The Enneagram Institute mentioned that Fours "are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved." These qualities lend themselves to reading self-help books, especially those that are centered around figuring out who you truly are. If you are an enneagram Four, chances are you have an innate desire to understand yourself, embody all the parts of that identity, and learn to be proud of your personal significance. After all, Fours long to be different from other people (per Truity). 

This goal can definitely be helped by reading self-help books, as many of them help us to assess what makes each of us special, and how to live out that truth. Truity noted Fours deeply want to understand who they are. While things like personality tests are a good stepping stone on that journey, diving into a self-help book can really assist Fours in reflecting on their inner world (something they love doing, as noted by The Enneagram Institute), and learning to have confidence in the person they discover through that process.

Fours would benefit from a self-help book about their habits

Like all of us, Fours have plenty of characteristics that make them unique from others — including some less favorable ones. As the Individualist, an enneagram type Four is almost hyper-aware of what sets them apart from other people, especially when it comes to their flaws (via The Enneagram Institute). This often leads them to see themselves as lacking and unworthy in some ways, which can make them feel undeserving of being loved and understood. To combat this self-destructive cycle of thinking, self-help books that focus on getting out of those cycles are a great option for type Fours.

According to Parade, a great book for enneagram Fours is "How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t" by Andrea Owen. Fours can become upset with themselves, and feel other negative emotions, due to perceived failure when things aren't working out the way they expected (via Parade). This, in turn, creates and perpetuates that cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors. "How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t" can be a resource for Fours to learn how to identify and stop those behaviors, and take control of their lives. Fours have a deep connection to their emotions (per Truity), so learning how to carve their own path to happiness is what they truly need.