What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snow?

Dreams can tell us many things about ourselves. For instance, if you dream about someone, that could reveal the true feelings you have towards them. Some dreams can reveal things about your health as well that you weren't aware of. As outlined by Very Well Mind, trying to interpret what you see in your dreams has the potential to show you your innermost thoughts and feelings. These realizations you come across can, in turn, lead to a bigger turning point in your life or allow for deeper introspection. There are many different types of dreams — from pleasant ones and ones of a sexual nature to, of course, nightmares. Something like a recurring dream can even cause some panic and instability in your life, as you may feel hounded by the repetition.

Nobody knows just why we dream, but, as stated on Healthline, our brains tend to drift towards the emotional instead of logical when we are asleep. This is because we cannot control our thoughts the same way we can when we're awake. There is no solid proof, but it is often thought dreams correspond with the chats, relationships, and other things that happen in our lives, which is why you may dream about someone you spoke to earlier in the day. 

If your dreams have been involving a lot of snow lately, we've figured out what this could mean.

Snow in your dream can represent the negative emotions you feel when awake

Dreaming about snow, like all dreams, can represent something different. Even something as small as the amount of snow can change the meaning, so let's break down some of the most popular theories below.

According to Dreams & Myths, if you dream about snow blizzards, you are fighting a personal battle in your life. You probably feel on edge and suffocated, and you may be struggling with someone who you feel will win. If you are trying to stay upright in this dream, it could be a representation of your willpower against your opponent. Overall, snow blizzards in dreams have negative connotations. 

Alternatively, seeing fluffy snow in your sleep is slightly more positive. The fluffiness of the snow is a sign of wanting to embrace your inner child in opposition to being a stoic adult. Moreover, if the snow in your dream has you playing in it, this can also symbolize you letting go and allowing your inner child to take pleasure in life's little joys. 

If you happen to see snowmen in your dream, you may think of them as cute creatures. However, in the land of dreams, they can actually represent fake friends and deep distrust. On the flip side, Aunty Flow also suggests that a snowman in your dream can be more representative of you, in a positive way. As they can represent a "wealth of wisdom," your dream may be showing you that you have the knowledge necessary to tackle your problems. 

However, there are some more positive meanings to dreaming of snow

You may be getting worried, but seeing snow in your dream isn't all negative. Dreams & Myths reports that some instances of snow can be all positive as well. In fact, as stated in the Bible, snow in your dreams is a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings. It can also represent death, but in the context of new life springing from death. In Islamic culture, snow dreams usually mean purity and financial prosperity, though this can change if you dream of heavy snow as it is a symbol of sin and grief.

Seeing an animal tracks in the snow when dreaming can mean good things are to come. If it's dog pawprints, that could mean a close friend may approach you soon for guidance. Since dogs are man's best friend, seeing dogs and equating that to your BFF makes sense. However, if you see deer tracks, that's a more personal reading. Dreams & Myths believes that signifies you should focus on yourself instead of letting life overwhelm you. 

Finally, if you find yourself walking around in snow, it means an opportunity will come to you soon. Aunty Flo states that anytime you find yourself "walking in a dream," that means you're "moving forward." That seems pretty obvious. However, if you are barefoot in the snow, this could indicate you are stuck in your own world and unable to face reality. With so many interpretations, it can be tricky to figure things out. Still, next time you dream about snow, you'll be a bit closer to knowing what it means.