The Surprise Prime Minister Cameo You May Have Missed On EastEnders

Throughout its nearly four-decade run on British telly, "EastEnders" has seen many celebrity guest stars. Pop star Robbie Williams and "Elementary's Jonny Lee Miller appeared in a few episodes during the '90s (via The Mirror), while the likes of Baby Spice Emma Bunton and "Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville had their moment in the spotlight before becoming famous in their respective careers.

But it's not just actors and musicians that have graced the Queen Vic pub. The British soap opera recently welcomed the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to Albert Square in honor of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. Airing on June 2, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles surprised the residents of Walford as they celebrated the occasion with a traditional street party (via The Sun).

Obviously, it's pretty hard to top an appearance from two of Britain's most senior royals. But during an episode in 2009 that saw Peggy Mitchell become a candidate for local election, a memorable appearance was given by a particular shaggy-haired Prime Minister.

This Prime Minister was delighted to appear on the British soap opera

You guessed it — Boris Johnson once appeared on an episode of "EastEnders" (via the Independent). As the Mayor of London at the time, it was the perfect opportunity for the now-Prime Minister to win the public's affection by appearing on one of its most popular soap operas.

"EastEnders is a true London icon and I was delighted to highlight to its huge audience that part of the mayoralty plays in the city's rich tapestry," Johnson said prior to the episode airing in 2009 (via The Guardian). "It was, of course, a tremendous honor to step inside the most venerable of London landmarks, the Queen Vic, and share a scene with another of the capital's icons, the fabulous Barbara Windsor."

While he wasn't on the episode for long, Johnson certainly made an impression with the pub's regulars. But not everyone was a fan of the former mayor's surprise appearance on the soap.

Not everyone was happy with Boris Johnson's appearance

Hours before the episode's premiere, former London mayor and Boris Johnson's predecessor Ken Livingstone had strong words about the politician's appearance. "There has obviously been a Damascene conversion here," he told The Guardian. "There is no reason why the BBC should not give the mayor a cameo appearance; I just wish they would do it for everybody, not just their chosen favorites."

According to The Guardian, Livingstone had previously asked the BBC if he could appear on the soap but was refused because it was deemed "too political" for the soap. Former member of the London Assembly Murad Qureshi went to question "whether it's in the BBC's remit to influence the public's perception in this way" by having Johnson "being portrayed as [a] pretty straight guy on such a popular show."

In response, a BBC spokeswoman said that Johnson's "appearance is compatible both with BBC editorial guidelines and the principle of due impartiality."