Exclusive Clip: Get A Sneak Peek At Jeff Lewis' New Show Hollywood Houselift

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If you're like us, you can't believe that "Flipping Out" has been off the air since 2018. If you're like us, you also miss Jeff Lewis, one of the show's super-opinionated stars. There's good news if you are a fan of the designer, since he's finally back with a new show that gives viewers a sneak peek into Hollywood homes of the rich and famous — but with star inhabitants who also need a little guidance from Lewis.

In an exclusive clip for the new show, "Hollywood Houselift," Lewis explains fans will get to see him complete eight different projects over the course of ten episodes. The clients include Wilmer Valderrama, Melissa Rivers, Ashlee Simpson Ross and her husband Evan Ross and Mira Sorvino, and as Lewis elaborates, "Some people might have a $50,000 budget, some people may have a $350,000 budget."

What types of projects can viewers expect to see Lewis help his celebrity clientele with? Everything from pool design, to landscaping, to a mega-budget bathroom remodel. The main takeaway from the clip is that Lewis wants fans to know "Hollywood Houselift" is different from other star home renovation series we may have seen before.

The crux of the show may not be what you think

In an exclusive clip for "Hollywood Houselift," host and designer Jeff Lewis tells viewers that unlike other celebrity home renovation shows, his new series allows fans access into the homes and lives of stars like Anthony Anderson and Fortune Feimster. "It's shocking to me that we have that much access," Lewis teases in the preview of the Amazon Freevee show.

Lewis admits that the various personalities of stars like Melissa Rivers came out during the projects. But more than anything, the host says "the heart of the show" is how he interacts with his staff, from his designers to his housekeeper. So, not only will we get to see the home projects come to fruition, but it's clear that fans of the "Flipping Out" alum are going to get an inside look at his life today. 

"It's a fun, fast show," the star of the new series tells us, and we can't wait to see more!

New episodes of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis are available for free every Friday on Amazon Freevee.