Sarah Ferguson Raises Eyebrows With Her Comments About Prince Andrew's Character

First it was the Archbishop of Canterbury whose defense of the embattled son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew, raised eyebrows. Talking to ITV in early June, the English church leader noted that the disgraced royal was trying to "make amends" following the allegations of sexual abuse against him. He elaborated in the divisive interview, "We all have to step back a bit, he is seeking to make amends and I think that's a very good thing." The Archbishop further opined, "We have become a very unforgiving society."

Of course, other than the Archbishop, Andrew has exhausted his good graces with many people worldwide — and even with his mother to some extent. Remember, the Duke of York was stripped of his royal titles, reportedly informed by the monarch herself that he would no longer be referred to as His Royal Highness, and for good reason (via New York Post).

The formerly esteemed member of the British royal family stands accused of sexual abuse of a minor by Virginia Giuffre (via BBC). He settled with her for an undisclosed sum of money in March of 2022 according to CNN.

Now, following the Archbishop's support, another person in Andrew's life has come to the forefront to add credence to the notion that he isn't as bad as the public has come to believe. And just who that individual is, well, it's raising some eyebrows.

Prince Andrew just endured a new week of disgrace

Just weeks after Prince Andrew was cast aside during the Platinum Jubilee celebration commemorating the Queen's 70 years on the throne, a surprising person is saying nice things about him. First, in case you missed it, the ex-royal was not invited to join his mom and other senior royals on the balcony at Buckingham Palace during the Trooping the Colour because he is no longer a working member of the family (via The New York Times). Incidentally, this qualification meant that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were also prohibited from appearing on the balcony during the prestigious and traditional moment.

Andrew, along with Harry and Meghan, was however asked to attend a church service in honor of the Queen the next day. But he shocked the world by announcing he had tested positive for COVID-19 and would not be able to make it. The timing of the disclosure had even a royal expert scratching her head and recalling another recent health disclosure. "Days after the Archbishop — who is currently campaigning for us to forgive Andrew — also has COVID?" Kinsey Schofield noted in an exclusive interview with The List.

In any event, now, Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, has opened up about her feelings toward her former husband — and let's just say her words are nothing short of shocking.

Despite divorcing Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson remain on good terms

Once upon a time in 1986, Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson. The couple divorced in 1996, although the exact reason for the split remains unclear, with Fergie noting she never really wanted to end the marriage (via Bustle). No matter the inside story on the breakup, by all accounts, the exes remain on good terms and are friends, especially given that they share daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

Still, in light of the controversy surrounding Andrew, would it really be all that surprising if Sarah stayed mum about the man she once married? Instead, she is talking to UK Times radio, answering a question this week about whether she would have married him if she knew then what is now public about the prince — namely that he stands accused of sexual abuse and has lost his royal titles and damaged his reputation forever. 

"Oh, yes. He's a very good and kind man. He's a good man" she answered (via New York Post). And no, this doesn't even mark the first time Fergie has publicly supported her ex.

Sarah Ferguson has gushed about Prince Andrew before

Indeed, perhaps even more confounding than Sarah Ferguson calling Prince Andrew "a good man" in the days following the public embarrassment that he endured during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, is that this is hardly the first time Fergie has expressed support for her ex-husband. As she told an Italian TV show earlier this year, "I completely stand by Andrew 100%." 

At the time, she also dubiously claimed she "married the best man in the world" (via The Guardian).

While the mom of two voicing support for Prince Andrew is nothing new, her words have still registered with royal fans who have some definite thoughts about the Duchess of York's comments about the disgraced royal. Some are even questioning her motivation for speaking out with kind words about someone whom the public at large is fairly disgusted with.

Royal fans react to Sarah Ferguson's support of Prince Andrew

Over on Twitter, many social media users speculated that Sarah Ferguson is not just saying nice things about Prince Andrew out of the kindness of her heart. Instead, one person wondered if she is forced to stand behind him or else the royal family will retaliate and cut her off financially. But we don't know for sure that Fergie still receives any money from the royal family. She did get a hefty divorce settlement according to Express, and Eugenie and Beatrice were also supported by the monarch and by their father at one point.

Meanwhile, someone else on Twitter hit back at Fergie's generous words for the father of her children directly, noting that instead of being "a good and kind man," Andrew is what's wrong with the royal family. 

Finally, yet another Twitter user demanded to hear from the royal's accuser Virginia Giuffre as to whether the Duke of York is really such a great guy.