If You're An Enneagram Type 6, Here Is The City You Should Move To

Ever wondered where your enneagram type would be most comfortable living? A place that has everything that your personality could ever hope for and more? A place that would create a calm unlike any other, and a place that you would feel at home in your skin? Then if you're an Enneagram 6, here is the place that is perfect for you.

The Enneagram Institute explains that Enneagram type 6, the Loyalist, are people that are indeed loyal, but it's due to a deep-seated fear of being abandoned. They are also over-thinkers, they want to be in control, and question who they are. However, they're also tremendous at problem solving, and are diligent, accountable, and reliable. 

With all that in mind, where would a type 6 move that would be of most comfort to them? Where they would feel secure, where they would never lose sight of themselves, where they wouldn't have to worry so much? A home like that would be in the breathtaking, rustic city of Florence, Italy (via HerCampus).

Florence is home to amazing monuments and food that will thrill a type 6

Florence, Italy has so much to offer within its walls. The city is the birthplace of the Renaissance and works by Da Vinci and Michelangelo can be found there. Not only that, but the architecture alone could make anyone stop and stare. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which was completed in 1436 with a dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, attracts many tourists and locals alike. So many buildings and churches and even homes will be passed in awe as you take in the scenes.

A type 6 would find the city full of comfort foods in pastas, pizzas, meats, cheeses, calamari, and cheesecakes to go with the wines. In fact, there are over a hundred wineries in or around Florence to visit. A nice wine with friends and a jaw-dropping sunset would be perfect for any type 6.

There are also, of course, magnificent sites such as the Arno River. You could walk along the river to get to Ponte Vecchio Bridge. An Enneagram 6 would be able to find comfort in the sites and beauty in the views. A type 6 would be able to trust themselves in the city, though they might be tempted when it comes to shopping!

A type 6 will adore the peaceful vibes of Florence

There's so much to see in Florence that it's impossible to take it all in during a short trip (via TheCultureTrip). Due to 6's heavy belief that they cannot trust everyone, according to personalitypath, they are always on alert and feel that everything around them will combust. 

However, due to the calmness of Florence, type 6 will feel a sense of release as they walk through the streets and taking in the landscape. They won't have to plan everything perfectly, and can just walk the streets, prepared for whatever life throws at them (JauntyEverything).

TripAdvisor gives over one-hundred reviews of how wonderful and comforting the city is. One user, Dave, writes that, "The people are friendly and helpful. Communication is easy because English is widely spoken or understood." For type 6s, a friendly face is very helpful.

The energy can be high in Florence, but there's also a calm that type 6 will feel overall. All they have to worry about is taking in the view.