Why Walking Is The Perfect First Date Activity

Everyone's been there before. The always inevitable first date jitters, and you and your date are contemplating where to go and what to do. There's the easy date of going out to eat. But who's going to pay? And what will be on the menu that isn't going to cause you to have smelly breath or get gassy? Then there's the date at a movie theater. But that requires two people to come to an agreement of what to see, you sit in silence the entirety of the date, someone has to pay for popcorn and drinks, and once again, who pays?

So, then what about grabbing some drinks at a bar? While trying to get to know someone, should they also be trying to get inebriated? And once more, what about paying for the drinks? Is there any date option that sounds ideal? There just might be, according to Single In the City. The perfect date activity is to go on a walk with your date. Here's why.

How is walkng the best option for a first date?

Better Health has a list of how walking is great for your health. It only takes 30 minutes a day to help you improve your overall health. Cardiovascular fitness and boosting muscle power and endurance are just a few of the ways walking boosts your body. Plus, exercise equals endorphins, which helps to make you happier.

But improving your health isn't the only upside to walking on your date. Cosmo suggests that walking on the first date is the perfect option, even having a writer going so far as to swear by them. They also add that the forward motion and having something else to focus on that isn't the date's face, like at dinner or for drinks, is comforting. And in addition to being comfortable, if you want to hold hands or just brush up against them, it's up to you. The Sunday Morning Herald even added that the walks could be as talkative and informative as each person would like, but there is no harm in just staying silent.

But what about the whole feelings part?

There's also the genuine romance aspect of the date. Sometimes it's easier to have a more meaningful, deep conversation with someone when there's no worry about someone listening in at a restaurant or bar. You and your date can also learn together as you go, sharing facts or pointing out history of buildings or things you both see on the walking path (via Sidewalk). There are even a few studies written up in The Atlantic about the importance of sharing experiences with people.

Psychological Science found that even if it's with a stranger, sharing an experience with someone marks it as a "more intense" experience than being by themselves. This means that these walks will have more meaning to the date, because they're experiencing it with you. It seems as though some people don't understand how much of an impact others can make in their lives. A first date with someone can become a lot less awkward if it starts with a couple of steps in the right direction together. Next time you have a first date, make sure to remember how beneficial this date can be.